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   Chapter 426 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 13

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"What did you say?" Albert grabbed Christine's arm and asked. As soon as Lewis heard this, he ran to the direction where Lilian came from. The four of them also reacted quickly and ran to the direction.

Lewis jumped down the hill and held Ina in his arms. He patted her face and shouted anxiously, "Ina! Wake up! Wake up!"

Meanwhile, Albert jumped off the hill as well. He glanced at Ina and said, "Take her up right now! Richie, call someone here! "

Richie turned around and quickly made a call. He told the situation here and asked them to send some people to assist them. On the other hand, Lewis and Albert lifted up Ina together. Lewis stooped down and carried Ina on his back, running down the hill.

When they ran down the mountain at full speed, an ambulance arrived. When Bella got out of the car in a hurry, she was so scared that she almost fainted when she saw that Albert and Lewis were both carrying one person on their back! She quickly walked over and looked at Ina and Christine who were put on the stretcher. She asked, "What happened? How did Ina and Christine get hurt so badly? "

Both of them were so exhausted that they could hardly stand up. After Ina and Christine were sent into the ambulance, they struggled to stand up, and got on the ambulance, too. Sitting in the car, they said, "They fell down the hill accidentally, and got hurt."

It was not until sitting in the car that Lewis realized how trembling he was. He seemed to be really scared. As soon as Albert finished his words, he turned to look at the trembling guy who was sitting next to him. He reached out his hand, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry. They will be fine!"

Lewis took a look at Albert, smiled and said, "I'm fine. I'm not worried about anyone. I shook because I ran all the way down the mountain with such a heavy burden on my back and I was so tired that I shook with fear! Hahaha! "

Albert cast a meaningful glance at Lewis, who had no idea how hard his smile was! However, he didn't expose his lie. Instead, he pressed his lips together and lowered his head. With a solemn face, he stared at the two people on the stretcher.

Soon in the hospital, Christine was sent to have a general check-up, while Ina was sent to the operating room. Albert accompanied Christine to check her body. There was nothing serious except some bruises, and then they went to bind up the wounds.

But there was no way Christine could feel at ease. She looked up at Albert and asked, "Brother, is Ina really okay? She seemed to fall more seriously than I did. " As she said this, she seemed a little guilty. "In fact, she didn't have to suffer such a serious injury, and she would have been all right! But to save me, she was injured so badly... " She looked up in disbelief at the sight of the man. Holding onto his hand, she asked,

happy. What do you think? "

"Will she really be happy?" Christine didn't believe it. "I think she will be mad at me. She won't forgive me anymore."

"Do you think everyone is as narrow-minded as you? She won't. Trust me. When Ina wakes up and sees your reconcile, she will be very happy like a sister! So, now you have to turn sadness into motivation to cheer up, and then try to make Ina happy too! Didn't you hear what the doctor just said? Ina's brain is damaged, and she has a concussion. Do you know what it means? It meant that Ina's IQ might be affected in the future, so she would not be a bookworm like she was now. If Ina becomes stupid, do you think you have the responsibility to take care of her for the rest of her life? "

"Really? Will Ina become stupid? " Christine's heart sank. If Ina became stupid, she would be the sinner for the whole world? Ina wanted to enter a good university to support her grandparents. If she became a fool and couldn't get a good job in the future, her grandparents would be pitiful? Please don't!

Seeing her terrified face, he knew that his threat did work. He smiled and said, "So what's next? Christine, your responsibility will be huge. You can't get yourself covered with bruises just to shirk the responsibility. Otherwise, who will take care of Ina? All right, we're going back. Your wounds haven't healed yet. Go back and have a good rest. When you're recovered, you still have to take care of Ina! "

"Okay!" Christine nodded her head. She followed him home obediently.

But on the other hand, Christine couldn't sleep at all. She was worrying about what if Ina became stupid! She just couldn't fall asleep because of this. On the other hand, seeing his younger sister tossing and turning like this, Albert couldn't help laughing secretly. That would be great. At least if she knew the influence, she would be nicer to Ina, wouldn't she?

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