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   Chapter 425 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 12

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Ina bit her lips and smiled. Then she went to pick up firewood with Christine, and the three boys left here to do some heavy jobs.

Ina trotted with Christine to pick up sticks, trying to break the ice, "Hey, there are so many flowers here! Shall we pick up some flowers? Maybe they will like it. "

"They won't like it! How can a little wild flower be liked by a noble young man like my brother? My brother was born and raised in a wealthy family. He has been living a prince like life since he was a child. The flowers who can match him are certainly precious flowers and plants, not these unknown wild flowers in the mountains! Like you, you are such a wild flower too! "

Ina touched her nose again, smiled, pursed her lips and went on collecting wood. But Christine was not interested in this kind of work at all. She took a branch and beat the wild grass and flowers all over the mountain. She complained, "It's boring. I shouldn't have come here in the first place. It's so suffering! And I have to go with you to pick up the branches. I'm really pissed off! It's troublesome to have a meal... "

"Don't worry. You can stay here and rest for a while. I'll pick it up myself."

"Forget it, or my brother will say I bully you again! I have to pick them up too! " Christine rolled her eyes at her and started to pick it up. Not long later, they picked up a pile and went back with each other.

The boys had done all the physical work. The two girls put down the wood they picked and said, "Can we make lunch now? I'm starving to death! "

Lewis said, "Do you want to eat? Do it yourself! "

After giving Lewis a glare, Ina went to the grill and began to light the fire. However, even if she tried once, she couldn't light it. Albert came over, took the firewood and lighter from her hands and started to light the fire.

"Wow, you're so great! It was lighting up! It seems that you know a lot about the fields. Aren't you a rich man? How come you know so many things? "

"We were specially trained ever since we were kids. Just as you said, we are all sons of rich families and in different status. There are always many people watching us and trying to take advantage of us. If we can't protect ourselves, how can we grow up? So these are necessary knowledge, or you really don't know how many kidnaps you will have to go through. "

"It seems that it's not easy to be a rich boy!" Sitting next to Albert, Ina chatted with him casually. She put the food she prepared in advance on a stick and passed it to him. After that, he put the food on the barbecue stand and started to roast.

On the other side, Christine and Richie were chasing the butterfly and had a good time. They were too tired. So they came back and sat beside Albert. "What are you barbecuing? Not ready yet? I'm starving! "

"Have some snacks if you are hungry!" After passing a bag of

over to catch Christine. Then they rolled down the mountain.

Ina held Christine tightly, and they rolled down the mountain together. The hillside was not very high. But as there were a lot of stones, the impact force of falling was strong, so when she finally rolled down to the bottom, Christine felt the pain in her body. She cried out in pain, "Oh my God! It's killing me!" She took a deep breath and suppressed the pain. She struggled out of Ina's arms and sat up. Looking at her injured arm and leg, she sighed, "Oh, my God! It hurts! Hey, Ina, are you okay? "

Christine looked at her wound carefully and asked Ina casually, but she didn't get any response. She turned to look at her, only to find that she was lying on the ground in a coma!

Christine was taken aback. She knelt down beside her and nudged her, saying, "Ina, wake up! Don't sleep! Hey, Ina, don't threaten me! Are you kidding me! Wake up right now! Do you hear me? "

But no matter how hard Christine called her, Ina kept motionless as if she was dead. Christine was completely petrified. She tried to hold her up with all her strength, but at this moment, she was too weak to do that.

She was frightened to see her face turning paler and paler. In the end, she left her on the ground. Struggling, she got up and ran towards the booth where her brother and her friends were in. At this moment, both Albert and others had just woken up when they heard Christine's cry from a long distance. Looking up, they saw Christine in blood and was frightened by her terrible appearance. They quickly ran to Christine and said, "What's wrong with you, Christine? Why is it bleeding? "

"Brother..." As soon as she saw Albert, Christine became uneasy. She panted and said, "Brother, something's up! When I was picking fruits with Ina, I rolled down the hill by accident. Ina didn't wake up. I called her several times but she still didn't wake up."

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