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   Chapter 423 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 10

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After both of them went to sleep, Christine took a shower in her room and changed into her lovely pajamas. She couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. Before she returned to her room for a rest, she saw the light in her brother's room was still on. And they were talking through the room. 'Damn it! It's so late. Why does she still stay in my brother's room? Was she trying to...?'

Thinking of the possible consequences, Christine couldn't stay in her room any longer. She suddenly sat up from the bed and ran out without even wearing a pair of slippers. She ran to the door of Albert's room in panic. When she was about to knock the door, the door opened. She suddenly looked up at the man standing in front of her and stammered for a long time before she said, "Brother... Brother? Are you okay? Are you really okay? "

Looking at her anxious look, Albert answered, "I'm fine. You seemed to be worried about me! What's up? Why did you come to my room at midnight without sleeping? Then you said something baffling. Do you have a fever? " He put his hand on her forehead and said, "No, you don't have a fever."

"Of course I don't have a fever. How could I have a fever?" She grabbed his hand and said, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me! Oh, where is that woman? "

"Woman? What woman? " Albert sighed slightly and continued, "Hey, you are the daughter of an eminent family. Don't you know that? How could you say such rude words? Tell me, who told you to say that? "

"It's none of your business. Where is that woman?"

Looking up at the ceiling helplessly, he heaved a long sigh and said, "Since you said that it's none of my business, how could you control my business? Go back to sleep! " While speaking, he was about to go downstairs.

But Christine rushed before him to stop him and asked, "Brother, you can't go. You have to answer my question. Where is that woman?"

"Fine. Then tell me. Who taught you to say such rude words? Richie and you spent every day together. Did he teach you that? "

"How could a dull man like Richie teach me that? Instead, I can teach him! This is what brother Lewis taught me. Uh... " Realizing that she had said something wrong, Christine quickly covered her mouth and carefully looked at Albert, shaking her head, trying to cover up what she had said.

Crossing his hands over his chest, Albert looked at her and said, "I should had known it was him! It seems that you should stay away from the bad guy Lewis! He doesn't teach you anything good, but only teach you these things! "

"Why should Lewis stay away from me? Lewis treats me better than you do! "

"Yes, he treats you better than I do. But I am your brother, he is not!" As he said, he shrugged and went downstairs.

Christine pouted her lips and shouted at him, "Hey, brother! I've told you my secret! You haven't told me whether that woman is in your room or not! Hello, brother! Humph! " But without getting the answer she wanted, how could Christine stop? She was in the mood to get to the bottom of it.

She took a look at Albert who had not come up from downstairs. Taking this opportunity, she quickly sneaked to the door of Albert's room. She put her hand on the door handle and gently twisted the door knob, about to push the door in. However, before she could do that, a hand stopped her. Startled, she looked up and found it was her brother. You... Aren't you downstairs? Do you know how to use Kong Fu? Why did you come here without any sound? "

"You want to enter my room?" Albert then waved her hand away and continued, "You didn't care about me so much before! Go back to your room. Don't wander around. Or you will be too tired in class tomorrow. "

Realizing that she couldn't carry out her plan, Christine was unwilling to give up. She turned around and walked back. At this time, the door was opened from the inside and

their grades. But there was just a difference of one or two scores between the first and second places. The third place's scores is two or three tenths less than them. As a result of Ina and Albert's fight, Lewis was infuriated and his scores also jumped to the top ten.

When Ina saw the rankings, she said to Albert and Lewis, "Actually, Lewis is also a talent! It's just that he doesn't want to work hard. Otherwise, we three will be sure to be in the top three! Lewis, I didn't expect you to get such good grades. "

"Of course! There are many good points that you can't see. You can continue to develop them! "

"Well, now that we are going to enter the same high school, there will be a lot of time to develop your advantages! But on the second thought, we three could advance from junior high school to high school together, be in the same room for three years, or six years or ten years. We are really happy to be together all the way! After all, there is no deep connection between us. But if we can stay together for ten years, then it means that we have a deep connection between us! "

"Yes! I hope the three of us can work hard together to get admitted to the same high school! "

"Come on!"

Soon enough, they entered the middle school entrance exam. All three of them performed very well, and finally entered the same high school at one stroke. On the day of getting the offer notice, Mrs. Bella was very happy. She suggested the group of children to go to the camp, and they all screamed happily. Christine ran upstairs happily while saying, "I have to pack up my things! I want to go to the camp! Ah ah ah ah! "

But Albert looked at Bella and asked, "Father, mother, don't you want to go with us?"

With a smile, Bella answered, "In your father's case, do you think we can climb the mountain? It's time for you kids to go out and have fun. Remember to take more photos and come back to have a good time with your father! "

Nodding his head, he casually leaned on the sofa and switched the channels with the remote control.

Turning to Ina, Bella said, "Ina, this is the first time you've gone out with them. Remember to follow them on the way. Don't lose them. Although it's not a dangerous place in the mountain, it's still very worried if you get lost as a girl. Remember, follow them! "

Ina nodded and said, "Mrs. Bella, don't worry about me. I'll take good care of myself and not let anyone worry about me. "

Bella nodded. Then she went to pack something for them and put them into the car. The kids were running up the mountain in a hurry.

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