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   Chapter 422 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 9

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Because the time after school was different, only when Christine had lunch in the canteen could she see her brother. As soon as the class was over, Christine pulled Richie to quickly take a seat, together with the lunch of Albert and Lewis to put it on the table, waiting for them to eat the delicious food. At the beginning, Ina came over with joy, but after a long time, she realized that Christine really didn't bring her any food, so she had developed a habit of bringing food by herself.

Because the lunch was packed in a lunch box in the canteen of the school, each of them just waited in line to pick up the lunch box. But every time when Ina came back from the line, they almost finished the meal. Ina always smiled indifferently and sat down to eat her lunch calmly.

Like always, this time, Ina went over after picking the meal box herself. When she saw the dishes in Lewis and Albert's lunch box were pretty good, she sat next to Lewis with a smile and said, "Wow, the food seems very nice! I'm starving! "

Christine sneered, "Only you will think these dishes are delicious. But it's not easy to have such dishes at school. I think it's a luxurious meal for you. "

Ina looked at Christine and smiled, without answering her question. She gently opened the lunch box. But the moment she opened it, she screamed and jumped up at once. She covered her chest and almost cried out. Lewis was the first one to react, he held Ina in his arms and looked down at her lunch box. He saw that the lunch box was full of caterpillars, making people gooseflesh all over.

All of a sudden, Albert stood up, but he heard a low laugh from his side. He gave Christine a hard stare. She quickly sat right and pretended as if nothing had happened, continuing to eat. With a snort, Albert reached out and held Ina, "Let's go!"

Seeing that they three left, Christine was so angry that she threw the spoon in her hand ruthlessly into the meal box. She enviously looked at Ina, who was protected by her brother and Lewis. Then she turned her head to look at Richie beside her and said, "Richie, do you think I did well?"

Richie suddenly nodded and said, "Christine is the best!"

"But brother doesn't like me!" Christine was furious. Why could Ina easily take away her brother's love? It was so unfair.

Watching their receding figures, Christine pouted in anger

Ina was sitting in a white flower bed in the campus. Her face was as pale as a sheet. Lewis trotted towards the store and bought a lot of snacks and mineral water. He tore open a bag of snacks and handed it to Ina, saying, "Ina, have some snacks."

Ina took a look at the snack, and then she fell on her stomach and vomited violently. At this moment, when she saw anything to eat, she felt nauseous. Lewis was so scared that he quickly threw the snack aside, unscrewed a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Ina, saying, "Then drink some water! Maybe you will feel better by gargling your mouth. "

Ina waved her hand and managed to sit up. She said, "I don't want to drink it. I want to vomit when I see these things now. Don't bring them to me." Ina pushed away his hand and fell weakly onto the parterre.

Sitting next to Ina, Lewis stared at her pale face and said angrily, "I wonder who did such a rotten thing. How could he put it in your lunch box? Humph! If I catch him, I will avenge you! "

"I'm fine. It's just a trifle. You don't have to be so fussy about it. Instead, it makes me look pretentious." Ina sighed in relief and was about to walk to the teaching building. Lewis stood up and held her, "What do you want to do?"

"I need to rest in the classroom."

"I'll go with you." As she was about to fall down, Lewis reached out and held her up. They walked into the classroom together.

Standing there and watching them leave, Albert suddenly turned around and headed for another direction.

In an empty and remote place behind the teaching building, Albert yanked Christine in and said angrily, "Do you think you are going too far now, Christine? How could you do that? Even if you don't like Ina, you can't throw that disgusting thing into her lunch box! Is that how our parents taught you? "

"Brother, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand a word? What did I throw to her lunch box? She took the lunch box herself, not me. The lunch boxes are same. How could I know which one she would queue

savings to buy these gifts! "

"Really? It seems that our precious daughter really cares about us very much, then I will accept it! Come here, let me put it on your wrist! " Carter picked one of them up and put it on for Christine and then the next one for Bella. Then, Christine and Carter put one of them on Carter's wrist together. Carter raised his wrist and looked at it. "Well, it looks good. But it's kind of girly for a man to wear this. But it's a gift from Christine. I will sure wear it! "

"That's great!"

"But is there another one you're going to put on for your brother?"

"Yes, all of us wear it. How can we give up brother?" Christine happily fiddled with the bracelet and then showed it to Carter. "I love it so much!"

Smiling, Carter caressed her hair gently with great affection.

At this moment, there was a slight sound of footsteps coming from the door. The family of three turned their heads and saw Albert and Ina walking in together. When they saw that they were still awake, they walked up to them and greeted them. Hearing that, Bella stood up in a hurry and asked, "Are you hungry? How about I ask Auntie Finny to cook some dishes you like for you? "

"No, thanks, mom. I'm tired. Besides, we had dinner at school." Without putting his schoolbag down, Albert directly walked towards the fridge in the kitchen and said, "Ina, do you want milk or juice?"

"I want milk. Thank you!"

Albert gave no response. He poured two glasses of milk and walked upstairs, saying, "That problem might have other solution. Come up quickly and we can discuss it later!"

Ina smiled at them and said, "Mr. Carter, Mrs. Bella and Christine, I'm going upstairs now."

"Okay!" Bella replied with a smile. After she saw Ina go upstairs and walk into Albert's room, she sat down again and said, "Carter, I think that if Ina and Albert really love each other, they are really a good match! What do you think? "

"It's their own business to deal with the emotional entanglement. They are all kids, but you have thought about it so far. You think too much. Who knows what will happen after they grow up? "

"But I think Ina is a good girl, gentle, kind and beautiful, she is a perfect match for the wooden Albert. Besides our family, who else did Albert have such an intimate relationship with since he was a child? He did fine with Ina, didn't you see he poured milk for her? He even invited her to his room for study. I think that when they grow up, they will be more likely to have a chance to fall in love with each other. "

"Everyone has a chance! Don't worry too much. You'll grow old quickly! " Carter talked and laughed with her.

However, although what they said was unintentional, the eavesdroppers were thoughtful. Looking back at the room of Albert, which was located at the second floor, Christine was filled with rage! 'Humph, she wanted to be with my brother? No way! I would never agree! Ina Liu!'

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