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   Chapter 419 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 6

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Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 6

Albert opened the door and got into the car. But before Lewis could get in, he saw Ina walking towards his car. An idea struck him and he closed the door. Then he turned around and walked towards her.

Sitting in the car, Albert turned his head to look at Lewis. When he saw him approaching Ina, he didn't say anything. Instead, he bowed his head, took out his phone and played with it. However, Christine snorted angrily, which made Albert raise his head and look at her. Then, he reached out and gently touched her head, smiling, and said, "Christine, what's wrong with you? Why are you so angry? "

"Brother, when I went back for lunch at noon, mom told me that she wanted to take a girl home. Brother, what does mother mean? Is mom planning to have a new baby instead of me? "

"What are you talking about? Even if mom wants to take a child home, it won't change your place in our parents' heart. So you can rest assured that no one will take your identity of a little princess away! "

"Humph!" As soon as she turned her head with disbelief, she saw that Lewis and Ina were standing outside the car.

Lewis walked up to Ina, stood in front of her and whistled. "Wow, who was the girl? It's Ina, a famous good student in our school! What? Where are you going? "

Although Ina didn't like Lewis very much, she thought that she might have to live under the same roof with him in the future. So she smiled and politely said, "Lewis, I'm here to go back with you. Mrs. Bella asked me to go home with you after school. "

"Oh, I see! But it's a pity that the car is too crowded with four of us. Now, with you, we can't sit down at all! "

Upon hearing this, Ina lowered her head. How could she not understand the meaning of rejection in his words? She couldn't help biting her lips, but said nothing.

Looking at her delicate and touching appearance, Lewis couldn't help but roll his eyes at her. 'This girl is so cunning at such a young age. I don't know what she has done to make Mrs. Bella allow her to live in our house. It's so weird!' thought Lewis. It was obvious that she was disgusting. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been immediately promoted.

The desire to tease the little girl grew stronger and stronger in his heart. He suddenly sighed and said, "Never mind. Since you are so pitiful, I can walk back with you!"

"Really?" Ina looked up at him with gratitude. Looking at the bright eyes of the little girl, he nodded.

Turning around, Lewis walked to the car and knocked on the window. The window was rolled down, so he said, "Well, you go first. I'll go back with Ina!" Then, he winked at Christine. Suddenly, a bad feeling rose in Albert's heart. But he still didn't say anything. Seeing the look in Lewis' eyes, Christine was immediately happy. She lowered the window and said to the driver, "Let's go!"

The car slowly drove away. After Lewis saw that the car slowly went away, he turned around and walked up to Ina. "Let's go, too." he said. With that, he was on the road. Ina immediately carried her schoolbag and followed him.

In the setting sun, the figures of them fell on the road, one behind the other...

But instead of taking Ina home, he took her to a game room. Standing at the door of the game room, Ina was frowning. Seeing her hesitation, Lewis walked up to her and asked with a smile, "What's wrong? Why don't you come in? Oh, I remember that you are the only good student in our school. How could you come to such a place? But what could I do? Every day, I have to come here to play computer games after school before going home, or I will feel uncomfortable for a long time! You go inside and wait for me. I will play for a while tonight, and then we leave. Is that okay? "

After hesitating for a while, Ina nodded her head and went in with him. But it was the first time for Ina to enter the game room. She was shocked by the scene in the room. How could it be so messy? Those boys and girls were all dressed up in sexy clothes, and they played like they were crazy in front of the game machine. Ina was so frightened that she held the hand of Lewis tightly.

Stunned, Lewis stood there, glanced at the hand held by Ina, and his heart beat fast. Instead of getting rid of her hand, he took her hand and walked in.

He bought a lot of game coins, and as soon as he entered the room, he shook away Ina's hand, then he skillfully and rapidly opened a com

urveillance video, and he pacified Bella, "Don't worry, she'll be fine. We'll know where she is after we check the surveillance video. We can't be in a hurry! When I know the specific direction, I promise to find her as soon as possible! "

"I'm so scared! Today is her first day to our family. If something happens to her, how can I face her grandparents? How can I face her parents? Ina, please be safe! "

"It's okay!" Carter tried to comfort her, but his subordinate walked out very soon and said, "Mr. and Mrs., we saw Miss Ina in the surveillance video. After she came out from here, she walked to the left!"

Upon hearing this, Bella dashed towards the door, but Carter quickly pulled her into his arms and gestured for his men to push him out. "Don't worry. It's useless. Just wait patiently. We'll find her soon." he said. As soon as they said that, they got on the car. The driver drove fast along the East Road to look for her.

Not long after, she saw a poor girl sitting under a street lamp by the roadside. Bella hurriedly slapped the window and shouted, "Stop! Stop! Is that Ina? Is that her? "

One of his heelers ran over, and after a while, he walked back to the car with Ina wearing a sad face. Bella took her gently, and felt both guilty and sorry for her. She immediately found a blanket and covered her with it. But what she didn't expect was that the blanket woke up the sleeping Ina. When Bella saw her wake up, she looked at her with great care and asked, "Ina, are you all right? Sorry, I didn't take good care of you! "

Ina was taken aback when she woke up and found herself in a person's arms. But when she heard Bella's words, she was relieved. Although she felt dizzy, she forced herself to calm down and smiled, "Mrs. Bella, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. We are just... Are we going home? "

Bella nodded and said, "Yes, I found you and took you home!"

"Wonderful! I can go home now! I can go home now!" Ina said happily, but her consciousness was getting blurred, and her voice was getting lower. She couldn't help but completely pass out.

Bella shouted with deep concern, "Ina, what's wrong with you? She had a fever! Go home quickly! Be quick! " Bella held her tightly and kept urging the driver to be faster.

When the driver returned to the villa, Bella rushed into the house with Ina in her arms. The three kids, who were almost starving, sprang to their feet from the couch and rushed upstairs with Bella.

The doctor came soon. He gave Ina an injection and prescribed some antipyretics. Although Mrs. Bella was finally relieved, she still took care of her.

Among the three children who peeped at the door, Lewis breathed a sigh of relief, so did Albert. But once Christine saw her mother standing next to the other child with extreme worries and not willing to leave, she was so angry that she pouted her mouth and trembled with anger, but she didn't show her anger. Instead, she snorted and turned away.

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