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   Chapter 418 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 5

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Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 5

When Lewis and Ina met for the first time, it was on the first day of junior high school. Ina made a speech as a representative of students. She was only twelve years old at that time, but she had grown up to be a beautiful girl, like a hibiscus flower. She was wearing a simple school skirt and a neat ponytail, and her face with baby fat was very lovely. She was standing on the stage, talking in the most standard accent and clean attitude, without any stage fright.

At that time, Lewis was a new student. He dressed like a rascal. Compared to her, it was just a difference between heaven and earth! His family was one of the most powerful families in the city, and the school was also a private school of the rich. Half of the investment was made by his family. How could he be not allowed to enter this school?

At this moment, sitting in the lower seat and looking at the well behaved Ina who was standing on the platform, he whistled to her arrogantly.

Ina was not a regular girl in the school because of her unorthodox identity. She was enrolled through hard work! And she was the only one who got the full scholarship. After all, this school was a private exclusive school, where the students came from either rich families or high-class officials. Compared with Lewis' family background, Ina was just an unimportant person.

When the opening ceremony was over, Ina walked out of the venue. She saw a gentle woman smiling at her, "Hey, miss, please stay! Is your name Ina? "

Ina looked up at the tender and beautiful woman and nodded.

With a smile, Bella caressed her face and said, "Ina, I'm a good friend of your parents, and I know your grandparents as well! Is your father called Steve Liu? Your mother is Amanda? "

"How do you know?"

"Haven't I told you? I'm a good friend of your parents! I didn't expect you to have already been in this age. That's right. My daughter has grown up... " But then she suddenly added, "By the way, can you tell me where your grandparents live now? It has been a long time since I saw your grandparents last time! "

After school, Ina went back to her house with Bella. On the way to the farmhouse, she explained, "Mrs. Bella, after grandpa and grandma have retired, they have returned to this farm. The road is quite harsh."

But Bella shook her head and said, "It doesn't matter. You can lead the way."

After walking along the winding countryside path for a long time, they finally stopped at the door of a house with the courtyard. Ina went forward and knocked at the door, shouting, "Grandma, open the door! I'm back! "

Within a few seconds, Ina heard the sound of rapid footsteps from the room, and then the door was opened. Mrs. Carol looked at Ina standing at

s in Ina's class. One was Albert and the other was Lewis. That year, Brian was attending the second year of primary school, while Richie and Christine were in grade five at a private primary school across the street. As if he had known that Ina was going to live in Albert's house, when the class was over, Lewis casually grabbed Albert's shoulder and walked outside, smiling, "I heard that you have another younger sister! Congratulations! "

"Don't talk nonsense!" said Albert, without changing his mind! When did I have another younger sister? It doesn't matter if you had told me earlier. If you dare to say so when you see Christine, you will not have a good end! "

Lewis' mouth curled up, but suddenly he saw Ina coming out of the classroom. He patted Albert on the shoulder and said, "Look! Your new younger sister is here! Well, as an elder brother, don't you think it's time for you to show love? Or do you want me to prove it for you? "

Without any hesitation, Albert tilted his head to the other side and jostled his elbow against Lewis's shoulder. "Don't screw around! Otherwise, my mother would be more horrible than my father when she gets angry! Although my mother is always gentle and soft, if she is really easy to deal with, my father would not avoid seeing her! "

"Well, women are fierce!" Lewis sighed helplessly and shook his head. Then they walked towards the opposite side of the school.

As they were in middle school, whereas Christine and Richie were at primary school. So they usually finished school half an hour earlier than Albert and Lewis. Albert and Lewis thought it was not good to let their younger brothers and sisters wait here for half an hour, so they wouldn't let the driver wait for them. But Lilian insisted to wait for Albert, and Richie obeyed her all the time, so they had developed such a habit.

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