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   Chapter 417 Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 4

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Extra Story of Lewis and Ina 4

They started a tense and thrilling shooting game. Albert's two children and Yana stood by one side and cheered for them. Finally, Richie won the race. The two people gave each other a big slap happily. Then, Yana considerately handed them a towel to wipe the sweat off their faces.

Gregory walked over together with Alisa. He clapped his hands excitedly and said, "Wow, daddy and Uncle Richie are so amazing!"

Albert smiled and said, "It's a pity that Uncle Richie has a special identity. Otherwise, I'll sure let him teach you! But Richie, have you ever thought about changing your career? With your skills, if you are with Barry and Lacy, they will be very happy! "

"If I could change it earlier, I wouldn't have waited so long. I can't do that even if I want! What's more, it's very comfortable to stay in the base. Although I didn't have much time to meet you, I can only focus on my work and don't have time to think too much before I live a full life. Otherwise, I really don't know how to hold on! "

Albert patted him on the shoulder and said, "Actually, Richie, it has been so many years. She doesn't care about you at all. You should try to forget her. It had been eight years. How many years could a person have in his life? You've been waiting for eight years. This time, it's really not worth it. Forget her and start a new life! "

Richie smiled bitterly and said, "If I could forget, I wouldn't be so painful. Albert, can you forget Yana? You said you've already lost your memory. Isn't it enough for you to forget Yana? But you still remembered her in the end? So when you see a person as the one you love from the bottom of your heart, no matter how hard you try to forget, it will always come into your mind! "

Hearing what Richie said, Yana thought his words made sense. If you really loved a person, you would love him very much and would never forget him even if the earth was destroyed. But Richie, how painful it was to fall in love with a person who didn't love you at all, and you had to wait for her day and night!

Albert then took the two kids to swim. After a nap, Yana woke up to find that there was no one in the room. She changed her clothes and also went to the swimming pool. She saw Albert was teaching Gregory how to swim. But his face was so ferocious that he

ieve I can do it well! Dad, please let me go there. I'm not afraid of suffering or being fatigued. I just want to learn shooting here! "

When Albert was about to open his mouth to say no, Yana smiled and asked, "How's it going? Can you feel my pain? But I think it's good for girls to learn some self-defense! You want me to be jealous of my daughter? "

Albert sighed and said, "It's not a place for girls at all! How could a girl bear the hard and tired life? No way! Alisa, listen to me. Come back, okay? "

"No! Father, I have made up my mind. Please stop persuading me. I won't go with you! " As soon as she finished saying that, Alisa ran to Barry, intending to talk to him directly. "Uncle Barry, I want to stay here for training!" she said.

Barry raised his head in bewilderment and saw the darkened face of Albert. He hurriedly said, "Alisa, you'd better have a talk with your father. If he agrees, I'll keep you here!"

"Uncle Barry, without my father's permission, I will make my own decision. I want to stay here!"

Hearing Alisa's firm words, everyone was stunned and didn't know what to do. Yana sighed and grabbed his hand. "Albert, the baby has grown up and has its own thoughts. We shouldn't stop her. Just let it be. If she really can't stand it, they will send her back. Now she is so stubborn. The more you stop her, the more she wants to stay. Just let her be! "

Seeing the firmness in Alisa's eyes, Albert finally sighed and said, "All right!"

But neither of them had expected that Alisa would stay here for so many years...

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