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   Chapter 415 Extra Story--Lewis And Ina 2

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Extra Story Of Happiness 2

As soon as he hung up the phone, he threw his phone on the bed casually. Then he reached out his hand and wrapped it around Yana's waist, rolling down onto the bed, moving up and down, with his hands touching her body from time to time. But Yana put his hand down and asked, "Albert, is it really appropriate for us to do this? I feel deeply sorry for leaving the children to dad and mom. Let's go back, shall we? "

"No way! " "Father and mother are very happy to help us take care of our children. Don't you dare to say that they are not happy with Alisa and Gregory coming back? They are dying for us to send the children back to them. Besides, I give you two choices. The first one is that we travel outside with our parents taking care of our children. The second one is that we go home and don't bother our parents, but I will send Gregory to F Area! You can make a choice. "

"Albert... "

"It's useless to be coquettish! " "I think he is my enemy since he was born! How many times have I suffered since he was born? How long have I been holding it back for? It's not easy to get rid of this bad boy. You want me to go back now? No way! If I don't make up for what I have lost, I won't be his father! " He kissed Yana as he spoke...

After resting in D Country for two days and reversing jet lag, they started their romantic trip and almost searched all D Country. She would buy the things she liked and send them to the whole family by air. However, everytime she brought her stuff back, he would take her along to a safe place. It seemed that he was afraid that his enemy would come to them.

Just like this, they were hiding from their son. Yana was led by Albert, who had traveled almost half of the world. After two years, they finally stopped in Country B. Because of a call from Barry, they prepared to pack up and went straight to F Area.

Yana was speechless as she watched Albert packing his luggage. Her head was pounding. "Albert, are you really going to send Gregory to F Area? I really don't want to leave him! What have we done to Alisa and Gregory over the years? People said that parents should take care of their children when they were born, but we didn't raise them or educate them. I'm really worried that when the two children grow up, they won't be close to us! Now, you are still going to send him to the F Area, where he will live a hard life. What if Gregory doesn't understand and hates us from now on? What should we do? "

"Don't worry. My parents and I were incompatible like water and fire, weren't we? But look at us now, we are also fine, aren't we? Don't worry. If my son is so vulnerable, I'd rather abandon him! " Holding Yana in his a

family take advantage of our son! Don't worry! Don't think too much. Currently, Gregory was only five years old. And he only came to train, so we wouldn't let Gregory risk his life. Calm down! "

"Okay! " Yana was relieved to hear that. They went inside together.

On the other side, Stella, Jacob, Carter and Bella had arrived, along with Alisa and Gregory, who hadn't seen each other for a long time. The mother and son were making out in an exceedingly intimate way. They hugged and kissed for a while. Yana let go of her hand, looked at Alisa and Gregory, and asked, "Alisa, Gregory, do you miss your mother? I miss you so much! "

"I don't believe Mommy miss me! If you really missed me, you would have come to me. Mom, you must have forgotten me, haven't you? " Tears welled up in Gregory's eyes as he poured out his grievance. The grievance made Yana's heart ache.

Yana immediately pulled her son into her arms and said, "How could I not miss you? But mom is outside, I really can't come back in a short time. So I haven't seen my baby son for a long time. I'm sorry, son. Don't be mad at me, okay? "

However, Albert stood behind her and sneered, "Why do you always complain when you see your mother? If you really don't want to see me and your mother, okay, anyway, we don't want to come back. Then I will take your mother away. At least you will not see her for at least one year! Oh, I'm so happy that you can't see your mother. "

Gregory pouted his mouth and stared at him with tears in his eyes. His eyes were full of accusation! You bad guy! You're an asshole!

Yana hurriedly hugged Gregory and said, "Gregory, don't listen to your father. Father is just kidding with you! I would be with Gregory, at least these days. So Gregory, are you happy? I will be with you for a long time! "

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