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   Chapter 413 Extra Story of Happiness 5

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 11385

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The so-called happiness was that you met the right person at the right time and knew each other and lived your life. The so-called happiness meant that she would be with him and their children happily all her life. If I didn't meet you in this life, I wouldn't know that I could be so happy!

On the soft and green grass, there was a soft and white blanket, a white wooden table with a strong sense of art, a cup of steaming tea and a quiet book. It was so beautiful and peaceful that the sunshine sprinkled on it, forming a halo of happiness.

That was the latest tweet post on Yana's Twitter. In that case, the content of the post was splendid.

Many comments from fans flooded Yana.

"Wow, You're so happy! When can I meet such a person? "

"I wish I could meet a gentle, handsome, rich and faithful man like Albert! Ah, ah, ah, Mr. Albert, my love! "

"Dear Yana, could you post the pictures of Mr. Albert next time? I'm asking for the photos of Albert! Love him... …… ……"

"Yana, can you also invite the Albert to make a tweet? Please! "


The comments ended with a long queue of comments on Albert. Yana sighed helplessly, put her phone aside, and took a sip of the tea. Suddenly, a round, fat ball rolled towards her from not far away. Yana immediately held the ball with one hand and smiled helplessly. "Gregory, why are you running so fast? Don't do it next time. What if you fall down? "

"Mommy, I want tea too!"

"Okay!" Yana picked up the teacup and gently put it to his lips to let him take a sip. Then, she put it down and asked, "Gregory, were you naughty when you were in the kindergarten today?"

"No! Of course not! Gregory was obedient! The teacher praised me. "

"Really? Our Gregory is so talented! " Holding Gregory in her arms, they were sitting on the grass, laughing and joking. Suddenly, Gregory noticed a figure on one side, so he hurriedly held Yana's neck and kissed her on the cheek, and then said, "Mommy, I want to stay with you all the time today! You can't abandon me! "

"Well. Okay! "

"Mommy, I want to sleep with you too!" Gregory said hurriedly, but seeing the black figure getting closer and closer to him, he hugged Yana and said in a spoiled tone, "Mommy, just promise me, promise me!"

"Well... Okay... Okay! "

"Gregory! Don't think you can do whatever you want with the protection of your mother. You always look down upon me! Listen up. It won't work even if you move out the whole family! I will hang you up and beat you up! " The figure of Albert quickly covered both Yana and their son. Both of them looked up at the same time, only to find that the sky was overcast with clouds!

Blinking her eyes, Yana looked at Albert and then at Gregory. "Tell me, what the hell did you do? Why is your father so angry? "

"I..." Gregory had a high momentum, but when he saw the terrible face of Albert, he became dispirited immediately and stopped talking with his fingers clenched.

Alisa carried her backpack and got out of the car without saying a word. When she passed by them, she "kindly" shared what her younger brother had done today to her mom, who was the sweetest person in the family. "Mommy, Gregory was very powerful at school today! He hit four kids alone and scratched their faces! The teacher thought Gregory was very powerful, so she called dad, hoping dad can send him to the Taekwondo gym run by her relati

s, I wonder how Alisa and Gregory will react when they get up and don't see us at home! Don't blame me if your son and daughter ever complain about you. "

"You can rest assured that my daughter and son will thank me sooner or later! Besides, I will not let my daughter resent me! That brat... No matter he loves or hates me, I don't care." He almost gnashing his teeth. It could be seen that although the man said he didn't care about his son, he cared about him deep in his heart.

Yana didn't want to expose his little trick. She smiled and went back to the bed to continue to sleep!

The sister and brother at home, however, couldn't see their beloved parents even after getting up in the early morning. They were almost crazy to look for them. Finally, they found the notes and several hundred dollars that were left by Albert at the dining table. "Honey, mom and dad have been to a happy two people's world. The babysitter and bodyguards have been given a holiday, so there is no one at home. Do you remember father told you how to take the bus to grandma's home? Now it's time to test you. You can take the money to your grandmother's house by bus and stay there for a while. As for how long you'll stay there, I'm not sure. I will buy you a gift when I come back. Love you, daddy, MUA! "

Alisa finished reading the paper neatly. Gregory stared at his sister with wide eyes, but he heard nothing more. Gregory asked anxiously, "Sister, anything else? Did Mommy say anything to me? "

Alisa turned the paper over and said to Gregory, "No, father only wrote these words to me! By the way, dad wants us to visit grandma! Come on, pack up your things. I'll take you to our grandmother's home! "

Unexpectedly, Gregory's mouth twitched and he sat on the ground and cried, "Mommy doesn't want me anymore! Ooh... Ooh..."

Alisa sighed helplessly. She put the paper back on the table, turned around and went upstairs to pack for her and her younger brother. Then she dragged two small suitcases out of the house and went to the bus station to wait for the bus.

Gregory shouted in an angry voice along the way, "Humph! They're so disloyal! They just went out for fun without taking me! Humph! Bad father and bad Mommy! Sister, let's run away from home too! "

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