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The wedding ceremony was held two months later. Although Yana had just gone through the most dangerous period during the first three months of pregnancy, her belly would not look too big in a beautiful wedding dress. She was still a beautiful bride.

Early in the morning, Yana was busy doing her make-up and dressing. She sat upright on the bed, waiting for the groom to snatch the bride. Several bridesmaids sat around Yana, indulging in their happy chats. Not knowing how long it had passed, Yana heard the sound of the cars downstairs. Her heart was in her throat.

The bridesmaids rushed to the window, and saw a row of cars parking outside the villa. They were all excited and shouted, "The groom's coming! The groom's coming! Hurry up! We need red envelopes! Let's go! " All the bridesmaids rushed out of the room.

Wearing a handsome suit with a bunch of reddish flowers on his chest, Albert was so delighted that he kept smiling. The Groomsmen, led by Ellis, Jason, Fred and Loren, were all gathered around the door to knock on it hard.

Inside the room, the bridesmaids said, "Give us red envelopes!"

Albert took out a few red envelopes and handed them. The bridesmaids took the red envelopes over from the crack of the door. However, it was only one dollar. They snorted at the same time and said, "Mr. Albert, you are the president of the Ricky International. Can't you be so miserly? No way! We must need at least 9999 dollars! "

"This is blackmailing!" Several Groomsmen shouted at them and drew Albert to turn around. "The price is so high. We won't take it!"

"Uh..." Albert didn't know what to say and murmured, "Just give them the money!"

"Humph!" The Groomsmen rolled their eyes at him. However, as soon as the red envelopes were given to the bridesmaids, the door was opened at once, and they quickly ran upstairs. The bridesmaids didn't even have time to stop them, and they rushed up.

However, to their surprise, the door of the second floor was also locked!

The bridesmaids rushed over to stop them. "Do you think that's all we can do? Humph! Let me tell you. We are not fools! This is the second level! Ahem! " One of the girls took out a piece of paper. She cleared her throat and said, "The bride is in this room! Bridegroom, please answer our questions honestly! If any of your answer upsets the bride inside, then it's none of our business if she doesn't marry you! "

"That's funny." Albert smirked triumphantly! "She is carrying my child now. If she doesn't marry me, who else will marry her? "

"Oh... …… …… …… ……" Hearing the intimate voice of the Groomsmen group, Albert quickly cleared his throat and said, "What questions? Hurry up!"

"Listen carefully! The first question is that the bridegroom says the bride's merits--one hundred!"

"What? One hundred? If I'm done, the auspicious time has passed, right? " Groomsmen questioned her, "We'll talk about this after they get married. Don't delay the wedding! Get out of the way! "

"No way! You have to say that! How about I give you a 20% discount! That's it. Let's start. Twenty! No less! "

"Well... She is gentle, pretty, kind, generous, good at cooking and filial to my parents. She gave birth to children for me. She is ambitious, diligent and hardworking. She is a woman of integrity, she is able to do housework and serve me well... She's my strength. When I don't have the strength, she'll get rid of all diseases at a glance. She's all I have. Of course, she has more advantages than that!"

"Wow, she has served you well! What a fascinating sentence!" Everyone laughed ambiguously.

The bridesmaids quickly stopped smiling and continued to ask, "Well, then my second question: what does bride like to eat most?"

"Her favorite... She seemed to have a good appetite! But speaking of her favorite food... Maybe it's the noodles with clear soup I made? That's all I can do! "

"The bridegroom is so narcissistic! The answer was the same as that of the bride! Well, the third question: please sing love songs. Twenty! Groomsmen can help! "

"I have one! 'She slowly ate up the gloom...' this... I have one! " "It's sunny in July. It suddenly snowed. I don't dare to open my eyes. I hope it's my illusion." Albert started to sing.

"I have one too! 'I lived with you as if you were my sunshine. Wherever I went, it was sunny. I breathed every sigh of relief'. "

"We can't sing endless love songs. But the sky is always clear and I feel like crying!"

"I've been waiting for you. I know the weather will change into a rainy day!"

"Your love won't stop until several years later. It won't stop until several days later!"

"Anything else? Search Google quickly! " Albert was in a hurry. Suddenly, he didn't know who was singing. "It's a sunny day today. The scenery is magnificent!"

"Ha-ha! Are you kidding me? Should you admit defeat? Actually, if you give up, we can also give you a difficult problem. As long as you can help us solve it, we will let you in! "

"What kind of problem?"

Another Bridesmaid took out a piece of paper and handed it to Albert. She also handed over a tweeter and said, "Take the tweeter and read all the words on this paper, then you will pass the test!"

After he took the paper and opened it, the corners of his eyes couldn't help twitchi

athered around, nervously saying, "Then what are you waiting for? Send her to the hospital now! Hurry up! "

When Albert heard this, he reacted and rushed out with Yana in his arms.

Outside the delivery room, Albert was sitting there, looking very calm, but actually very nervous. Brian handed a glass of water to him. He gripped it so hard that it was overturned. After a moment's pause, Brian let out a deep breath. He walked up to Jane and hugged her. "It turns out that it can make a man so nervous when a woman gives birth to a baby! Honey, we'll have a caesarean section! It's too painful and cruel! "

Jane burst into laughter and shook her head helplessly.

The pain lasted a long time before the baby's cry finally came. Albert stood up quickly and walked to the door. The nurse held the newborn baby in her arms and walked out. She smiled at everyone and said, "It's a boy, weighing over 6 pounds. He's very healthy!"

The baby was immediately held by Stella and she played with him happily. Albert grabbed the nurse's hand and asked, "Where is my wife? How is she? "

"The last suturing operation will be done soon. Please wait patiently!" The nurse returned and closed the door again.

Albert stuck his face tightly to the door. Although he knew that he can't see anything, he felt like this could be closer to Yana.

The kid was teased by them for a while and then was taken away by the nurses. Albert never looked at his own son from beginning to end, and he kept waiting at the door. After a long while, the door finally opened. Yana walked out, but she was still in a coma. He grabbed her hand, looked up at the doctors and nurses and asked, "Why is my wife sleeping?"

"She is weak. She will wake up in two hours."

Albert nodded and looked up at the door of the operating room, only to find the floor stained with blood!

My God! How could she bleed like that when she gave birth to a baby! That was too terrible! He gripped Yana's hand even tighter, his heart aching!

As the doctor said, Yana woke up after two hours of coma. When she opened her eyes, she saw the desperate look on Albert's face. She knew that the man was terrified. She smiled and said, "Albert, I'm fine. Don't worry!"

Hearing what she said and comforting him with a smile, he gripped her hand more tightly. Tears rolled down his face and said, "Yana, I don't want to have children anymore! Do you know you almost scared me to death! I saw the blood in the operating room. Do you know how guilty I was! Yana, we will never give birth to a baby again... "

"Well, we will never have children again... But where was the child, Albert? I want to see my child. "

"The baby was taken away by the nurse. He was just born. He is so weak. Can we go to see him tomorrow? Just go to bed and have a good sleep. Don't think about anything, and don't worry about anything. I'll be with you. Have a good sleep. "

Yana opened her mouth to say something, but seeing the look on his face, she had no choice but to nod. "Okay, I'll sleep. You stay with me."

He nodded and then carried her to the bed. They slept together.

By the time the child was one month old, they named him Gregory. Gregory had a beautiful appearance, their life will be wonderful and gorgeous. Such happiness will be together with them in their whole life.

"Albert, my life is perfect with you, Alisa, and Gregory."

"My life is perfect as long as I have you in it..."

A glowing light intertwined around them, and happiness would be the happiness of a lifetime!

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