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   Chapter 411 Extra Story of Happiness 3

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"Oh my God! No way! " Yana screamed as her eyes turned red. At the moment when Albert let go of his hand, he waved his hand and countless people turned their eyes to Yvonne in the Ferris wheel.

Alisa had lost her balance and was falling rapidly. Without even a slightest respond, Yana caught Alisa instinctively and also fell to the ground.

"Yana!" Seeing that Yana jumped down from the high place, Albert was scared to death and ran towards her with his eyes wide open. Before Yana could land on the ground with Alisa in her arms, he threw himself into the air and rolled on the ground with them. At last, he fell onto the ground, head down, and passed out.

"Albert! Albert! "

"Albert, are you all right?"

"Mr. Albert, Mr. Albert..."

Numerous people came over and surrounded them. The six hands were tightly clenched together. In the midst of the hazy light, Albert seemed to hear Yana's voice, "Albert, we will always be together and never be separated..."

"Okay, Yana, we will be together and never be apart..."

Then the world became completely dark, and their heads felt so painful that they all lost consciousness completely.

When he opened his eyes again, the light was dazzling. The fragrance of the flowers filled his nose. When he was still in a daze and did not completely wake up, he heard a little girl's sweet but happy voice. "Grandma, mom, dad is awake, dad is awake!"

'Dad? Who was calling him daddy? Who was her father? Where am I? Why...' Ouch! He felt pain all over his body!

When he opened his eyes and got used to the light, he saw a lot of people in front of him. The first person he saw was a beautiful face. She looked anxious and said in a nervous tone, "Albert, what's wrong with you? Do you feel pain all over your body? I'll call the doctor! " Then she turned around and was about to call the doctor.

However, Albert grabbed her hand quickly and said in a daze, "Beauty... Who are you? "

The happy smile on everyone's face froze, especially Yana. She looked at Albert in a daze, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. 'did he bump his head into the car and lose his memory again?'? 'oh my God! How many times is he going to lose his memory? 'will she forget about the happy life she has been through these days?

However, mark seemed not to feel the pain at all. Instead, he held him tight in his arms and said like a spoiled child, "handsome boy, do you remember who I am? Daddy, I'm so happy that you wake up! Love you! "

Being kissed by Alisa, Albert smiled happily and said, "Are you my daughter? You're just as beautiful as I am. You're so remarkable! Come here. Let me hug you and kiss you hard! " Then he hugged Alisa and gave him a big kiss. The father and the daughter had a good time.

Emmett was speechless. What was going on? Why did he remember Alisa but not her? What the hell was going on?

"Don't you remember? You forgot. We were in the amusement park. When Alisa and I fell from the sky, you caught us! Did you really lose your memory? You really don't remember me? "

Raising his head, Albert looked at her and blinked in bewilderment. Emmett was frustrated at his attitude. It seemed that he really forgot about it. Never mind. Since he could remember her and even fell in love with her before when he lost his memory, this time he surely would remember her more. As long as she was determined, she would definitely help him remember!

"Never mind. It doesn't matter. Anyway, I am the first one you saw when you wake up this time. I won't be afraid. By the way, how are you feeling now? Do you need me to call the doctor? "

"I'm fine."

"No, I'll call the doctor!" After that, Yana went to ask Moore to come over.

Moore came over and checked up Albert's body carefully. He said, "He's all right. You are not a woman. You just roll on the ground and hit your head. How could you be so vulnerable? "

"But... He said he couldn't remember anything and he lost his memory again. Didn't he hurt his brain so much that he lost his memory? "

"Amnesia?" Shocked, Moore turned to look at him and said, "As a doctor, I don't see that you've lost your memory? What's more, the blood stasis in your head has turned away because of this collision. You should have regained your memory. How could you lose your memory? "

Albert kept winking at Moore, but Moore didn't seem to notice him. He

nt, prison was not a good place to her. But now that he had agreed, he had to take her there. So they went there today.

Yana and Albert were sitting in the interrogation room, waiting for Yvonne to be taken out. Not long after, they heard the footsteps. Yana turned around, seeing that Yvonne, who was wearing the prison clothes, appeared in front of them in a very awkward way. After a long while, she walked up to them and sat down.

Yana looked at her and asked, "You have a hard time here, don't you?"

Yvonne sneered, "Only a few of people can lead a good life here. It's not like the Cheng Family's villa! It's not a place for rich people! "

"I know you hate me, but I hope we can let go of the past and stop thinking about it. Don't worry. I will find someone to bail you out as soon as possible. "

"Bail me out? Aren't you afraid that I will go out one day to do something bad to you? "

"I believe that after this matter, you have seen through a lot. It's painful to fall in love with someone who will never love you. The only way to dispel the pain is to leave. I don't know if you've figured it out or not, but I'll finish what I should do. After all, if it wasn't me, you wouldn't be like this. "

"Do you want to atone?"

"Sort of." Yana didn't deny it. "But no matter what, I'm going to marry Albert. There's no way you two can get together. Don't do anything extreme anymore. You have your parents to support. Look for a good boyfriend after you go out. It doesn't matter whether he is handsome or not as long as he really loves you. Your parents are also very good outside. Albert sent someone to take care of them, and told them that you were on a business trip so you were not at home. Don't worry. Nobody knows about it. "

"I hurt you so much. Why did you help me?"

"I know you are a good girl. You were just possessed at that moment. I believe that you will lead a happy life. Trust me, okay? "

"Yes!" With tears of remorse rolling down her face, Yvonne raised her head and looked at Albert with a firm look. "But I have to tell you, Albert, it's really a loss of you for losing me!"

With his lips slightly curled up, he said, "Yes, it's my loss. You are a good girl. But Yana is good enough that I don't care the loss. I love her. I got her, and I got the whole world. But I still have to say sorry to you. I'll try my best to help you and your family! "

"Thank you! Thank you very much! "

They walked out of the detention house and looked at the fresh air outside. The ease and delightfulness in their faces made her lift a lot. She opened her arms happily to welcome the sun. She turned to look at Albert and said, "Honey, I'm so happy. I've never been so happy like this!"

Albert hugged her tightly and smiled, "We will be so happy every day like today in the future!"

They hugged each other tightly. The sunshine bathed them, making the whole world feel fresh and happy.

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