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   Chapter 410 Extra Story Of Happiness 2

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The journalists were all silent. None of them had ever thought that it would be like this when Yana educated their daughter. How many women in the world would treat their ex-boyfriends so well if they broke up? Unless they loved each other deeply, how could they have a child and have a loving flower in the heart of their children?

Or she really loved him. It would be a pity if the three of them broke up. However... Was it wrong for Yana to do so? After all, he had a new life after they were apart. Now he had a new girlfriend. She appeared again. Anyway, she would be a third party in the end.

"But... You've been apart for three years, and each of you has your new sweethearts, such as Miss Yvonne, the fiancee of Mr. Albert. Yana, for the past three years, the most suitable person to stay by your side is your agent and best actor, Jason. I heard that when you were in Country B, your daughter has always called Jason Dad! "

"Jason and I have been reconfirming for a long time. After I left Albert three years ago, I lived alone in France. And I was pregnant. It's not convenient for me to go through many things. Jason took care of me. When I gave birth to Alisa, he was outside the delivery room. The first person Alisa saw when she was born was Jason! After I gave birth to Alisa, a director invited me to act in a play. I was so worried about that Alisa couldn't be taken care of. And I was also afraid that Alisa would be discovered by the media, so I transferred Alisa to Jason's name. Jason said he was from Country B after all and was not as conservative as a man in A Country. So it would have bad impact on me to be in A Country. So when I was filming outside, Jason's parents took care of Alisa most of the time. That's why Alisa called Jason dad and called me mom. I've never hidden Alisa's real identity, and she's very sensible. She knows who I am, who Jason is and who she is. So she's very clear how she should call others outside. "

"Jason and I are best friends! He is handsome and comes from a decent family. He treats me well. But we are just friends. That's all. The reason why I came out to meet you this time is to make a choice between me and Albert. I have to tell you that I really love Albert. Even if there was three years between us, but whether it was three years or thirty years, I would still only love him. No matter whether our relationship is questioned or cursed by others, I just want to say that I will be with him as long as he is by my side. If others can't accept the relationship between me and Albert, I will be his woman. From now on, I will not accept any film and will not appear in front of you. If you can't see, then you can't say anything. Am I right? "

"What? " There was a hubbub among the crowd. None of them had thought that Yana would be willing to give up her soaring career for her love. 'This... This woman...

Yana looked at him with crooked eyes. "Albert, actually, only the two of us should be responsible for our relationship. Our families have nothing to do with others. As long as you love me and I have you in my heart, even if the whole world is against it, so what? So, Albert, we don't have to face others when we go home. That's enough if I'm in your eyes and your heart! Although you haven't thought of the past, I believe your deep feelings for me. Even if the world would be destroyed, love would not be destroyed! Besides, as you said, you will die a graveless death if you lose me. Since I love you so much, how can I really make you die a graveless death? Even if the whole world is against us being together, I want to be with you! "

He was so touched that he almost burst into tears. "Okay, let's go home. We don't need to explain to anyone. All we need to do is to stay with each other and live happily! " Holding her in his arms for a long time, he finally let go of her and stood up with her hand in his. Then, he said to the reporters, "Well, we have finished what we want to say and what we have said. This is the answer we can give you. Now that I have terminated the engagement with Yvonne, Yana and I will be together forever. We will never separate again! That's all we can say. From now on, no matter what you are talking about, we will not do anything to deal with it. We two will live happily together! "

Their fingers interlocked. Yana and Albert smiled at the camera, then walked out hand in hand. However, when they reached the gate, they were stopped by the figures of Stella and Jacob in a hu

sa didn't hold that rope tightly...

Feeling dizzy, Yana almost passed out. But she quickly stabilized herself and ran towards the ferris wheel.

In the ferris wheel, Yvonne controlled the rope with one hand, and held the phone with the other hand. When she saw Yana running towards her, she shouted, "Yana, you're here! I thought you wouldn't come! It seems that your daughter is indeed more important than Albert! But let me tell you, Yana. If I were you, I would treat him more and more important than anyone else, instead of insulting him like you. "

"We love each other. I believe that he can understand me. Alisa is our child. You will never understand what a mother feels. When a child was hurt, parents would always put their own life on the line instead of letting the child get hurt. Miss Yvonne, let go of Alisa. I'll go upstairs. You can dispose of me as you like. "

"Do you think I'm an idiot? Yana, I don't want to live anymore, but I don't want you to live either! " When she was about to let go of Alisa, Yana gave a loud scream and climbed towards the ferris wheel in a hurry.

Albert walked up to them slowly and stopped in front of them. He raised his head and looked at Yana, who was desperately climbing up, and exclaimed, "Get off the ferris wheel now! It's dangerous! "

But Yana didn't care about it at all. She kept climbing the ferris wheel.

Since Yana wouldn't budge a little, Albert had no choice but to raise his head to look at Yvonne. "Yvonne, I'll give you the last chance. Let go of Alisa. Otherwise, I won't let go of you! "

"Albert, do you still want to be so cruel to me for the last time? If you act very gently to me, I might let your daughter go. For the last time, if I let your daughter go, will you marry me? Will you marry me? Will you tell the reporters that what you said today is all lies? "

"No, I won't! Because the one all my life I love is Yana. I don't care about anyone else. I told you this not because I wanted to beg you, but because I wanted to give you a chance. Because I've set everything up. But for the sake of the past three years, I'll give you the last chance. Don't push me! "

"I forced you? I have never forced you! If I force you, why would I wait for three years without forcing you to marry me? That's exactly because I've never forced you before. Now I'm reduced to such a situation... Don't you care about me at all? I've been waiting for you for three years! And I've kept you company for three years! "

"For you... I have to say sorry to you! I will pay back the favor I owe you, but don't hurt the most important person around me! Otherwise, we would lose everything! "

"Really? I have no hope at all. What am I afraid of? Albert, I didn't expect that you didn't give me any chance. You were so cruel to me, so why should I show you my weakness? You are the one who should be sorry. Don't blame me! " When she finished these words, Yvonne's heart sank and all of a sudden, she loosened her grip on the rope...

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