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   Chapter 408 Perfect Ending 2

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9164

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Albert turned around and saw that Yana was sitting on the sofa, motionless. The light in his eyes dimmed. He looked up and said, "Brother, you take Alisa back to our mother first. I'll stay here and comfort her."

"Okay!" Of course, Brian would not oppose to this. Under such circumstances, it would be better for her to have Albert comfort her. He clapped his hands and said to Alisa, "Alisa, come here. I will take you to see grandma."

Alisa put down her toy and ran towards Brian. She threw herself into Brian's arms and said with a sweet voice, "Uncle, mother... Is mom okay? "

"Don't worry. Dad will take care of her. Just go with me!" With Alisa in his arms, Brian turned to look at Ellis and Jason, and said, "Let's go together. Under the situation, the more people there were, the less beneficial it would be to Yana. We'd better leave now. When she calms down, we can talk about it. "

Then they all left, leaving Albert and Yana in the room. Albert went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. He put it in the hands of Yana, held her hands and said, "It's Okay, nothing will happen. You have to believe me! Love can travel through everything, no matter how cruel the rumors outside are, you have to believe that I will never let go of your hand. Yana, don't be sad. Don't be sad! "

Yana leaned against his chest and said, "Honey, we really can't be that selfish. We are not only ourselves now. We have another identity. We are parents. In case of any problem, we should first think about our children. I really don't want Alisa to live with such a bad reputation all her life! The news will drown us! "

"So what are you going to do now? Do you want to dump me and make me live in the name of an unfaithful man? " Looking at Yana, he continued, "Let me tell you. Even if you push me out of the villa now, I won't make peace with Yvonne! If you abandon me, I will be alone for the rest of my life. You are the one to blame, whether I am alive or dead! "

"Albert! We can't do this! We really can't! " Yana was almost driven crazy by Albert!

While holding her in his arms, he whispered in her ears word by word, "Yana, I've met a lot of women in my life, but none of them will live in my heart like you, forever. People say that marriage is the tomb of love, but you tell me, if I don't even have a tomb, how can I be buried after I die? If I don't love her, where will my soul go? If you dump me, I will live a loveless life without a marriage. After I die, I will have nowhere to bury and my soul could not return to my hometown. But I tell you, even if I become a ghost all my life, I will only stay by your side and never leave. So, Yana, no matter what choice you make, I will promise you. But I hope I ca

p. Instead, they went to the teahouse opposite to the company and sat there, drinking tea and watching the live broadcast.

At the moment, the spokesperson of the media of Ricky International was accepting an interview, With a speech in a official tone, the reporters were also in high spirits. After a long speech, the media spokesman finally said, "Now our CEO of the Ricky International Group is going to make a statement about his personal affairs!"

All the journalists got excited at once and stood up to look at the door. All of a sudden, in a neat and handsome western suit, Albert walked into and sat on the top chair.

When Yana was still lying on the bed in a daze, her phone suddenly rang. She opened her eyes confusedly, took the phone and looked at the caller ID. Then she took it over and answered, "Hello, Jason. What's up?"

"Linda, are you still sleeping? 'Oh my God! Don't sleep! Turn on the TV and watch the news conference! Mr. Albert is holding it now! I think he should explain what happened this time. "

"Explain? How can he explain it? " Startled, Yana turned on the TV. Immediately, all the TV programs were broadcasting the live broadcast of the news conference by Albert.

He was solemn and sat in the middle seat. He looked up at those people without fear. One of them noticed a small detail that his cuff link was changed and asked, "Mr. Albert, your clothes today seemed to be different from usual, especially your cuff link. It seems not to be your normal brand. Who prepared this suit for you? "

Lowering his eyes to look at his cuff link, he smiled and said, "How could you tell that? It's true that this is not my favorite brand, but it is my favorite because it is prepared by my favorite woman. No matter what the material is and the price is, it is the most comfortable one! "

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