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   Chapter 406 Let's Break up!

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9218

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With tears in her eyes, Yana looked at Albert again. When she saw the expectant look in his eyes, Yana finally held back her tears and nodded, "Okay, we'll be together, the three of us will be together!"

"Okay!" Alisa was cheering and clapping her hands. As happy as a child, Albert gave Yana a big hug and kissed her hair. "That's great! That's great! That's great, Yana! "

Yana smiled and gave him a big hug. It turned out that they hugged each other tightly without scruple. They were so happy!

After that, Alisa smiled at Albert, and the family of three started their most happy dinner time. In the kitchen, Yana was busy cooking. Albert and Alisa were shuttling through the kitchen and the dining room. One was sweeping the table, the other was setting up bowls and chopsticks, and they was taking mother's dishes onto the table one by one. Occasionally, Yana would spot Alisa eating secretly, and hit her hand. Albert and Alisa would look at each other and spit out their tongues. It was a comfortable and wonderful moment when the three of them were together.

They finished their dinner together, and the family of three sat on the sofa watching TV. Alisa was sitting in the middle of them, with their hands holding Alisa in the front and their fingers entwined in the back. Alisa put her head on Albert's chest, and Yana and Albert looked at each other. No one was real watching TV. They cherished the moment of warmth.

Alisa fell asleep unwittingly and lay docilely and meekly on Albert's chest. Yana smiled. Albert could not help but carry Alisa into his arms silently. He tiptoed to Alisa's bedroom and put her on the bed. Then he turned on the soft bedside lamp. Seeing that she was sleeping soundly, he walked out of the bedroom.

With a glass of warm milk in her hands, Yana walked towards the bed and asked in a low voice, "Is Alisa asleep?"

Albert nodded. He took Yana into his arms and rubbed his head against her neck. "I really like this feeling! It might be a real feeling of home? That's great! "

Yana smiled, "I like that, too. When I was a child, my parents died, and I lived with my younger brother, and then he died. Since then, I have lived with Alisa. I have never felt at home. Albert, I like this feeling too. I hope I can be with you like this all my life! "

"Yes, we will be happy like this all our life!" Smiling, he kissed Yana on the cheek.

Yana smiled and pushed him away. "Don't be like this. You are still at the door of Alisa's bedroom! Drink the milk and go back to your room to rest! "

"I don't want to go back! I want to live here and live with you! " Albert didn't want to go. He held Yana and didn't move. "Drink up the milk first! HM, I won't talk to you if you can't drink up

nlocked the screen. When he was about to click open the message, the door of the fitting room opened. He looked up subconsciously.

He saw that Yvonne was wearing a beautiful wedding dress. She walked out and stood in front of him. She asked with shyness, "Albert, do you think this wedding dress looks good on me? This is customized for me by Aunt Stella! "

Pressing his lips together, Albert nodded and replied, "Yes, it's very beautiful!"

"Really? I will wear this one when we get married, okay? "

"Yvonne..." He called her name, but he didn't know what to say. "Yvonne, actually, I'm here to tell you something! Yana and I have cleared up all the misunderstandings. We are together now. So... I can't marry you! I wanted to give you the ring as a gift of apology. I didn't expect that the ring was regarded as a gift of proposal from the outside world. At that time... It's all my fault. I should have opposed the media. I shouldn't make them have the wrong conjectures and caused such a bad situation. But I don't want to make the mistake again. So I hope that we can separate peacefully. If you are with me, I could not give the happiness you want but let you live in pain for the rest of your life! It's really unfair to you! So... Let's separate! "

"What did you say? Say it again! "

"I say... Let's break up! Perhaps 'breaking up' is not an exact phrase, because I have never loved you. I chose to be with you at that time only because of my responsibility! If I hadn't accidentally bumped into you while driving, we wouldn't have met and we wouldn't have been together because of my responsibility. I've lost my memory. I don't know what happened in my past. I just have a feeling that I don't love you when I'm with you. But I've learned from Yana's story that there's a huge difference between love and sympathy! "

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