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   Chapter 404 I Hate You

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9435

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Looking at the phone that was hung up, Albert felt helpless. 'How could they get the news so fast? Why does everyone know the news that I don't know now? ' Proposal? He was proposing to a woman just because he gave her a ring, wasn't he? Now the whole city knew it, so did he have no chance to repent?

He smiled helplessly, put down the phone, and leaned back in his chair, lost in thought.

Suddenly there came some noise at the door, as if it was the sound of Alisa and Yvonne quarreling. With a frown, he stood up and went out. When he opened the door, he saw Alisa and Yvonne standing at the door of the hotel room, quarreling with each other. Alisa was very emotional. As she was struggling to leave with a small cartoon suitcase, Yvonne held her tightly and wouldn't let her go. Alisa opened her mouth and bit her hand.

Yvonne frowned in pain, but she didn't let go of Alisa's hand. "Alisa, be good. I'll tell Dad and let him take you home, okay? It's so dangerous for you to leave alone! Be obedient, okay? "

"No! No! No! My father abandoned me! I don't want a dad either! You bad woman! You have stolen my father from me! I don't want you to hold me! Let me go! Let me go! " Alisa struggled violently and thumped Yvonne's chest.

Frowning, Albert overheard their conversation and knew what had happened. "Alisa, what are you doing? How could you be so thoughtless? Let go! " Pulling Alisa out of the embrace of Yvonne, he squatted down and looked at Alisa horizontally. "Alisa, has your mother taught you to treat the elders in this way in ordinary times? Look at yourself, what did you look like just now? How could you hit Yvonne? How could you even bite her? Who taught you to bite? "

Alisa's eyes were filled with tears, as if she were accusing all his crimes. "You are a liar! I don't want to be with you! I want to go home. I want my mom! "

"Do you think Dad lied to you? How I lie to you? "

"Of course you are lying! You said you would only like me in your life. You said you would be my good father all my life! But you didn't keep your promise! You don't like me but this woman. You are not my good father either! You will be the father of many people in the future. You are not my father alone! I hate you. I hate you! "

"You said you hated dad? Then let me tell you. I also hate those disobedient girls like you! " Albert seemed to be angry, "I don't like my daughter to be rude and bite others, especially for your elder! Do you think you are right to punch others? Apologize to Yvonne. "

"Forget it, Albert. She is just a kid!" Said Yvonne hastily.

But he didn't think so. Looking at Alisa, he said, "Even if she is only a child, she shouldn't be responsible for her own mistakes! As a child, she should have been educated from her childhood. Otherwise, what could

to bad people!"

"Do you think I want to talk to you so much?" Turning to Yana, he said, "Since Alisa is coming, please take care of her for the moment. We are very tired, so we are leaving now."

Nodding her head, Yana put down Alisa, with one hand holding Alisa's luggage and the other holding Alisa, and said, "Well, then you can go back and have a rest. Alisa and I are going back now." She took the suitcase and Alisa by the hands and turned around to leave.

Looking at her back, Albert furrowed his brows and grabbed her arm. The wound on her arm was not fully healed yet, and it hurt so much that she let out a hiss in pain. But she ignored the pain quickly, stood straight and asked, "What's wrong?"

However, Albert stared at her arm and asked, "What's wrong with your arm?"

Yana looked at her own arm which was covered by a thick jacket. Her eyes flashed. "My arm is fine! What's wrong? "

"Are you hurt?" As Albert rolled up her sleeve and saw the gauze wrapped around her arm, he asked, "What the hell is going on? How did your arm get hurt? "

Afraid of being seen by the reporters, Yana put down her sleeves and said, "It's not a big deal. I was just too careless. Don't talk in public. I'm leaving. " While saying that, she grasped Alisa's hand and almost ran away with her.

Looking at Yana's receding figure, Albert frowned and then turned to look at Yvonne and said, "Let's go back! My family must be waiting for us. "

With a smile, Yvonne took hold of Albert's arm and walked out of the airport.

As he had expected, everyone in the Cheng Family was waiting for them. Stella was most exaggerated. When she saw Yvonne come in, she hurried to her with a thick painting album, "Yvonne, come and have a look. These are all the latest wedding dresses designed by our studio. Have a look at your favorite one. I'll ask someone to make it for you!"

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