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   Chapter 403 Is It Impossible

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It was a difficult choice. After thinking about it for a long time, Albert finally decided to do that. Because he suddenly found that no matter how fast he walked, this woman would never give up on him and would always follow him in a proper pace. Brian had told him that it was difficult for a woman to fall in love with him for so many years as Yana had loved him. It was not until then that he realized that Yvonne could! During the past three years, she had stayed by his side. But he hadn't shown any interest in her. No one could be braver than her. Now that Yana and he were over, he couldn't fail to live up to the bitterness and helplessness of this woman who has been waiting for him for three years. Although he was an irresponsible man, he just didn't want to be so hopeless. That's all! !

They hugged each other tightly. Under the water splashing and fountain.

The news abroad soon spread to A Country. Due to his high status and the main topic of gossip, the fight between him and Yana for Alisa's custody was a big hit in the city, but it was still an unsettled battle. Everyone was wide eyed with shock, waiting to see which one would he choose between his fiancee and Yana. So the video of the proposal, which was not called a proposal, was quickly spread online, causing a huge uproar.

On this day, Yana lay in the VIP ward and opened the TV. She switched on the TV casually, but at the same time, she touched her cell phone at the other hand. After hesitating for a while, she finally picked up the phone. But after some hesitation, she put it down and then picked it up again. Finally, she made up her mind. She unlocked the screen and dialed the number of Albert.


A mocking voice came from the TV, "Let's talk about the hottest thing this week, which is who does this man, Mr. Albert, the current CEO of the Ricky International Group, will get married to! It was known the battle between Albert and Yana, a famous Oscar actress, was a raging battle. There were even media that broke out the love history of Albert and Yana. Yana and Albert had known each other four years ago, but at that time, they were not a couple actually. But a rich man and mistress! "

An uproar was heard on the TV.

"Wow, it makes an uproar as soon as the news comes out! But Yana turned to be Albert's girlfriend later. And his parents agreed and they got engaged! But the stories were much more interesting than those on TV! After being in the position of Albert's mistress, she had fought hard against Albert's ex-girlfriend. But to her surprise, Emmett had run away with his child! She ran away! Why did she run away? It's because her younger brother died because of Albert! "

"Wow, the love story of the rich and powerful families is like Shakespeare's

ing is true!"

"Oh, that's great! Then I'll prepare your wedding dresses! It seems that our family has been full of good news this year! "

He hung up the phone. When he was about to turn on his computer, his phone rang again. It was from Bella. She said, "Just now, your mother called me and told me that you were going to get married. Your mother was so happy! But, Albert, tell me. Have you really forgotten Yana? Is this the result of your careful thought? "

"Mom, I... I don't know whether my decision is a result of my careful consideration. But mom, I can't let Yvonne down! No matter what happened between Yana and me in the past, and what happens now, the future will be blurry... "

Bella heaved a heavy sigh and hung up the phone.

Then his friends all called him. Although everyone was happy to bless him, they would finally say, "Is there really no possibility between you and Yana?"

'Is it impossible? Is it impossible?'

He felt uncertain about it since he had been asked too many times. He and Yana... He and Yvonne...

Before he could figure out it, Brian called in. Looking at the caller ID, he could imagine what Brian would say and how he would look when he said that!

He heaved a sigh helplessly and answered the phone, "Hello, brother!"

"Yo, is it raining red in the sky? Why did you call me 'brother'! But it sounds reasonable. "

"Do you call me just to laugh at me? If so... "

"Of course not just for this! I ask you, have you really decided to marry Yvonne? Do you know that Yana... "

"Brother! That's all in the past... There is no possibility of anything! "

"Is that so?" Brian smiled sarcastically and said, "Since you have made your choice, I have nothing to say as an outsider. I hope you won't regret your choice today! " After he finished these words, Brian hung up the phone without hesitation.

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