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   Chapter 400 Stay In Hospital

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 8955

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Startled, Yana smiled at Brian and responded, "What are you talking about? I would never know the guy who robbed me. I don't even know him, how can I cover it up? You just clear up the various conjectures in your mind. Nothing special. Don't make wild guesses or cause meaningless criticism. I don't want to talk about this anymore. I just want to let the past be the past. It was just a accidental incident, not that serious at all. I don't want you to tell the truth to him. It's not because I'm afraid that he'll be worried. I'm just worried that this matter will eventually become a big issue and it will be out of control. I don't want to put my life on the TV series that I shoot for us! "

Looking at her serious face, Brian didn't think she was lying, but he knew that it wasn't an incident. Since Yana didn't want to go into it deeply, he couldn't make a decision for her life without authorization. "Well, if you don't want to go into it, just let it go. But since this is the case, I'm sure there is not enough security in your apartment. How about this? I'll hire some bodyguards to protect you. "

"No need. It was just an incident. You don't need to protect me. " Yana immediately refused. "Moreover, I'm not like you. You're a backbone of the country. It's not proper for me to take bodyguards with me. People will laugh at me if I take my bodyguards with me. "

"In order to dispel the rumors of celebrities, you have to give up your own life? " Brian raised his eyebrows and said, "You should put your life first, and then others! Just leave it to me. I will arrange for some bodyguards to protect you and won't let them disturb your private life. You can rest assured! "

Yana thought for a while, and then smiled, "Thank you. "

"You're welcome! I wouldn't let Alisa's mother be hurt at all. " At the same time, Brian turned the car and pulled over at the gate of the hospital. He got off the car and walked into the hospital with Yana.

The doctor untied the gauze on Yana's arm, and the blood came out again, leaving the gauze red. It was not until he had taken off the gauze that he noticed how deep Yana's wound was. A bone was almost seen! It was lucky that Yana blocked the shot, otherwise her whole arm might have been severely injured.

But the woman didn't care about it at all. She rushed to the set like a strong woman, without saying a word when he was pulling her!

What a stupid woman! He wondered why Albert would fall in love with such a stupid woman!

The doctor performed the treatment very carefully, but it still made Yana gasp in pain. Her eyes were filled with tears. Looking at the woman who was enduring great pai

time. You have enough time to recall the past. "

"But now I feel that I've missed Alisa for three years. No matter how I try to make up for it, it's in the past. It's impossible to make up for the past three years. So I just want to try my best to get along with Alisa and make up for her as much as possible. "

"You are a good father. I believe Alisa loves you in the same way as she loves me. "

"I also believe that! My daughter. No matter how long I've missed her for, she'll always be mine! " He said with a smile, "People always say that a daughter is her father's lover in the previous life, which I had never believed before. But now when I see Alisa, I finally believe in this saying! "

Yana smiled, "Then I should let you know the existence of this little lover early, not letting you miss the three years... "

Yana's expression suddenly darkened. If she didn't leave him and didn't let him meet Yvonne three years ago, even if he had lost his memory, they could still be together happily. They were a happy family without anyone else. However, it was impossible to go back to the past three years. Everything had changed. They were no longer belong to each other...

"I have never blamed you! Yana, no matter what happened three years ago, I hope we can forget it and never remember it again. I have already lost my memory, maybe I can't regain it all my life. I have forgotten those sad memories. It's really unfair for you to remember only by yourself! "

"It's not about fairness. It's my own will. Well, I won't disturb your sleep. Have a more rest. Alisa is a naughty girl. You can spend too much energy on her. Now you should take a good rest and have some energy to deal with her! "

Hearing Yana's words, he didn't know whether he should laugh or cry!

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