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   Chapter 399 Discharge For Acting

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9057

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After the doctor left, he walked to Yana. Looking at her pale face, he asked, "Do you really have no other problems? You don't look good! "

Yana shook her head and forced a smile. "Do you think the man who just experienced a life and death crisis will look good? I know my own body. There is nothing serious. By the way, why are you there today? "

"Oh, someone told me that the south yard is not safe recently, so I went to check, but as soon as I saw you driving in, I was worried, so I went in and saw you were caught. Who on earth was that person? How could he hit you so hard? "

"I don't know. He must be a gangster. Since he can't afford the ransom, he planned to rob me. But he didn't expect me to be so resistant that he wanted to kill me. Where's that man? Did you catch him? "

"If I want to catch someone, who else can't be caught? He made such a big noise and the police nearby was alarmed. The police won't be able to let him escape. " "If you hadn't met me tonight, you would be dead. I guess that tomorrow's newspaper will be full of news about your being robbed! "

"I don't think so. Normally, it was impossible for paparazzi to get in there. South yard's apartments are very safe. So, I hope that you don't talk about this with Albert. It's not easy for them to go out for a trip. Don't let this affect their mood! "

"Don't you care about the fact that he has a mistress? "He continued.

"Why should I care? "

"I thought you loved him very much! "

"I love him, but it doesn't conflict with his fiancee! " Yana smiled bitterly. "I found many people are asking me the same question. The media are all questioning me. Ellis asked me, and you are also questioning me! I love him. But it's impossible for us to be together for the rest of our lives. Missing those three years is like missing a lifetime. "

"I've missed out on Ina for so many years, and that doesn't mean we've missed out on each other for the rest of our lives! The point is to see if you are determined to be together! " "I did so many bad things to her and she could forgive me. What about you? What else can hinder you? You have two kids! Two! Although you lose the first, but Alisa is still alive. There is a chance that you two can be together. Why can't you be together? "

"The relationship between you and Ina... There are not four lives! "

These four people's lives were the biggest gap between them! A gap that could never be crossed!

"Never mind! " He was eloquent and couldn't win her in a debate! But Davis' death did hurt everyone. But it wasn't her fault! Davis had heart disease because of various viruses and he was only thirty years old at most. He died more quickly last time becaus

ngine and sent her to the hospital.

On their way to the hospital, Yana said, "Mr. Brian, please don't tell Albert that I got injured! I don't want him to get into trouble if he knows it. "

"Do you think you are his fiancee? Do you think you are that important to him? Yana, are you an idiot? He treated you like this. Do you still speak for him? "

"Mr. Brian, I know I'm not that important to him. But you know, the less trouble the better, right? I'm not that important. But if you tell Albert and my daughter knows, how sad she will be. So... Please help me keep my promise! "

"All right, all right. You're so long winded! But then again, why are you so careless? Who is the criminal? " "Doesn't he know who you are? How dare he hit you so hard! Does he want to die? "

"I don't know. The police would question him because he had been taken away. He might be some poor guy without so much money and I happened to run into him, which made me unlucky! It was not a big deal. Just let it go? I'm a public figure. I don't want to be taken to the police station for tea! "

"Is it because you are a star, to maintain your image, to face such a matter of being attacked by the gangsters and keep silent? If people know you are like this, they will even rob you! Just leave it to me. I will handle it. You were bullied by them. We can't let him go. "

"It's not a big deal, really. Don't take it too seriously! "

"It's not a big deal, so what is big? Do you think it's a big deal if you are killed by the gangsters? " Brian rolled his eyes at her, but then he seemed to have remembered something. He looked at her in shock and asked, "Is the kidnapper up to something else? You know why he wanted to kill you, don't you? Are you trying to help the real culprit escape from his responsibility? "

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