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   Chapter 397 If I Didn't Fall In Love With Him

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9244

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"Mom, don't worry. I will behave myself! I swear that I will never do anything that upsets mom or dad. Please let me go! I will be well behaved! "

"But Alisa..."

"Mom, I promise you that I will never play tricks on that aunt. Please let me go! I have never gone out to play with my father since I was a child. I really want to go out with him! Now my father and that Aunt haven't married yet. Of course I have the opportunity to go there confidently. After Dad and aunt get married, they will go out to have fun with their family. As for me, I will be nobody else... "

The more Alisa said, the more sad she was, as if she had been abandoned by her father, as if she would never have a chance to go out with her father again!

Seeing her daughter's sad face, Yana didn't have the heart to continue the topic. She nodded in agreement.

A week later, as she had expected, Alisa finally went to France with Albert. When waiting at the airport, holding Alisa in her arms, Yana reminded her over and over again that she must listen to her father and not make any trouble outside. Alisa couldn't get her mother's point, so she had to turn to Albert for help.

Albert walked over and picked up Alisa with a smile. Then he said, "If you are still worried about it, you can go to take your luggage right now. After that, we can go on a trip together!"

"I have to shoot! I have to finish a long TV play of fifty episodes within two months. How can I have time to travel? " Yana forced a smile and said, "Don't make fun of me anymore. I was really worried when Alisa had left me for the first time. I'm afraid that she'll bring more troubles to you and affect the quality of your trip. "

"Don't worry. My daughter is the most obedient and sensible girl! Just trust me! I won't lose my daughter! Alisa, tell mom. Am I right? "

"Yes! Mom, I will be a good girl and listen to Dad! You should leave now! You are so busy with your work. If you can't shoot the TV series on time, I'll ask dad to cut your money! " Alisa pointed at Yana with an adorable face.

Yana didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "Alisa, why did I work so hard? How dare you ask dad to deduct my salary? You should persuade dad to raise mom's salary! Then I can save up enough money as soon as possible and don't work so hard to keep you company at home every day! "

"Right!" Alisa acted as if she had just realized something. She turned her head around and encircled his father's neck with his arms. Giving a kiss on his cheek, she said, "Dad, could you raise mom's salary now! How about letting mom go on a vacation with us instead of shooting a movie? "

"If you wish, I'll just do as you said! But, Alisa, after you formally transfer the household register to the Cheng

ell! She doesn't treat me as well as I do with Betty. I'm quite thankful! "

"That's because you are not as ambitious as Betty, nor have you done so many bad things!"

"Haven't I done anything wrong? I killed Davis... "

"It's not you who should be blamed for his death. You never knew that Albert would call you and the plane would explode at that time. If you boarded that plane, the dead would not only be Davis, but also you and Albert. No one can guarantee what would happen three years ago, so you don't have to blame yourself! "

"Only you can say these words to me!" Yana smiled and said, "In fact, life is really good now. I'm at ease. Now that we had talked about it openly, I don't have to escape. It was really a good feeling. Now I have Alisa to stay with me and I have a job. Everything is wonderful. Finally, the rain stopped and the sky cleared up."

"In fact, in the past three years, you have never forgotten him. No matter what he has done, in your heart, the person you love most is still him. You are escaping from the death of Davis, which you can't face. In fact, to be honest, it is also the same to what Albert is escaping from, isn't it? "

"Maybe what you said is right. Both of us are trying to escape. But we chose to escape because we had a terrible memory. Too many people had died, including Joe, Davis and Betty. They paid the bill just for the relationship between me and Albert. They are so innocent? If I didn't fall in love with Albert, Joe wouldn't have died; if I didn't fall in love with him, Betty wouldn't have killed him by all means. If I hadn't fallen in love with him, Betty wouldn't have gotten so angry at me and explore the plane to get a revenge on me, as a result of which, Davis die... Everything is a result. I met and fell in love with him, and that's why it ends up like this now. "

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