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   Chapter 396 Never be Apart

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"I..." What else could Yvonne say? She couldn't tell him that she didn't see Alisa as her daughter? It was obvious that she was making trouble for him? The most important thing for him right now was Alisa. No one could be unkind to Alisa, or else he would definitely make her have a bad life!

"Then... Okay! "

"Yeah!" Alisa seemed to be very happy. She ran to him from behind, put his arms around his neck behind the back of the seat, and gave him a big kiss on his cheek, saying, "Daddy, I love Daddy the most! Long live Daddy! "

Seeing how happy his daughter was, Albert couldn't help laughing. As long as his daughter was happy, he could do anything! After all, a daughter was the most important thing for him. Seeing his daughter smiling happily, he was happy, too!

As the car was about to reach the south yard apartment, Albert got a call from Yana. He glanced at Alisa and said, "It's mom's call." After that, he pressed the answer key and said, "Hi, Yana. We are almost there."

"Okay, I'll wait for you! All right. Focus on driving. I'm hanging up. " Within a few words, Yana hung up the phone. She had just taken a shower, but her hair was still wet. After putting on the slippers, she started running downstairs.

As expected, five minutes after Yana arrived downstairs, Albert drove to the apartment and stopped the car slowly. Yana recognized Albert' car, so she ran towards it happily. But when she got close to it, she saw Yvonne sitting in the passenger seat. She slowed down immediately and tried not to rush over.

The two got out of the car at the same time. Albert made a detour to the back, trying to carry Alisa. On the other hand, Yvonne stood beside the car and greeted with a polite smile, "Nice to meet you, Miss Yana! I come with Albert to send Alisa back. "

While speaking, Albert walked over with Alisa in his arms, carrying a lot of things for Alisa. He looked at Yana with a smile and said, "Aren't you tired of filming in the daytime? Otherwise you should leave Alisa with me. Then you can have a good rest at night. "

"No, thanks. No matter how hard I've been through all my life, I can do it for Alisa. As long as I see Alisa, I won't feel tired any more. Mr. Albert, please give Alisa to me. You should go back now. It's very late now. "

"Okay!" Albert put Alisa down, and the latter held Yana's hand and said to Yana cheerfully, "Mom, dad and I are going on a trip! Mother, this time we will go to Paris to play. That is the place where I was born! I'm so happy! "

"Really?" Hearing what Alisa said, Yana raised her head and looked at them. "Mr. Alisa, it's Alisa's fault. It's better for you two to go out and play inste

more for him! " Yana sighed, "I'm calling your dad right now. Tell him that you are not to travel with him."

As she said this, she took out her phone and was about to call him. But suddenly, Alisa rushed out crazily and threw the phone on the ground heavily. She raised her head and cried to his mother, "Mom, No! I just want daddy and mommy to be together! I don't want daddy to be with anyone else. I don't want mommy to be sad for Daddy! "

"Alisa, you..."

"Mommy, I know you like Daddy, just as Alisa likes Daddy. No, mommy loves daddy more than Alisa! You always cried alone at night, which was noticed by me! I knew that Mommy would only like daddy in her whole life, so I would help Mommy to complete this wish! If that aunt and Dad had a baby, Dad would not be with mom, not to mention Alisa. I know everything. I know everything! So mom, please don't stop me? Let me have a try. I will only do it once! Whether it would be a success or a failure, I would always listen to you in the future. Mom, I beg you. I don't want to lose dad, neither do I want mom to lose dad. Mom loves dad the most. Won't you be sad if you lose dad? I was sad when I lost mother! "

"Alisa." Was she really her three-year-old daughter? Why did she think her daughter was smarter than anyone else? 'My daughter is only three years old, but she is willing to do anything for me.' "But Alisa, I don't need your help. I will be happy as long as you can be a good child of dad and mom. This is the matter of dad and mom and that aunt. We will solve it. "

"Mom, you are an idiot! You can't solve anything. You can only hide yourself and cry. Otherwise, my father won't be with that aunt! " Alisa cried, "Mommy, I want Daddy, I want mommy, too! I want our family never to be apart! We will never be apart! "

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