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   Chapter 393 I'll Cook for You

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9159

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On the other end of the line, Yana's heart skipped a beat. He looked really nervous. "Yana, do you forget what I have told you? If you don't listen to me, I will leave you! "

"……" Alisa twitched her mouth, but still held the microphone and said sweetly, "Dad..."

Upon hearing that, Albert breathed deeply. After a short while, he replied in a hurry, "Yes!" He replied immediately. "Alisa, mom was injured. It's not convenient to be alone at home. You have to take good care of mom, okay?"

"Daddy, why don't you come to take care of Mommy? Why do you separate from my mother when other father and mother live together? Don't you love me as well as my mother? So you're not willing to live with me and my mother. Will you choose to live with that aunt? "


"Alisa!" Before he could explain it, Yana had already shouted at her coldly. She snatched the phone from her and said, "I'm sorry, Albert. I didn't know Alisa was... How could she say that I'm really sorry! "

"In fact, what she said is right. I also feel our relationship is strange. At that time, I was just born, and my parents adopted me as adopted by my uncle and aunt. I hated them all my life. I knew they didn't give up on me, but I also felt like I was abandoned. Now I believe that Alisa has the same feeling as me. She felt she was abandoned by her biological father. I have experienced something like that, so I understand Alisa's feelings very well. "

"Sorry, it's all my fault."

"Don't blame your faults for the rest of your life. Yana, you are not a great woman. Lots of people are not allowed to choose your wrong life, including you, me and Alisa. Everything is just as what others said, one cannot clap without another. Am I right? "

Yana didn't know how to respond. He had said that only to make her feel less guilty?

"Don't think too much. Have a good rest." He smiled and continued, "You've been hurt so badly and lost so much blood. How can you recover if you don't have a good rest? You are the most important actress of our company this year. If you don't look good, won't you affect the ratings of the TV series? So, have a good rest. Just treat me as your boss who cares about you very much. "

"Thank you, Mr. Albert."

"No need to thank me. Good night."


After hanging up the phone, Yana stared blankly at the phone in her hand. Ever since she knew that Albert lost his memories, and since she came to B Country, she never expected that she would meet him one day, and that the two of them could talk with each other so calmly. Now it seemed that everything was like a dream, but it was also so real. She couldn't imagine what would happen to them if she had not kept Alisa.

"Alisa, come on, let's st

anymore. Since things had come to this, it was pointless to pursue who was right or wrong. Since he had already lost his memory, the problem had been settled well. There was no need to get involved in the past. It was meaningless to stick to the past.

"Let me help you. Although my hand is injured, I can still do something." Yana looked outside, seeing that Alisa was playing happily alone, and said, "Besides, Alisa has a good time playing alone, and I don't have a hand in it. I think it's better for me to stay here and cook with you. "

"All right." Albert moved side, let Yana come to help. Yana went over, she found that Albert had gotten everything ready, she had nothing to do. Then they chatted and cooked in the kitchen.

Soon enough, three delicious bowls of noodles was cooked, along with a pot of bone soup. After taking the noodles out, he called Alisa to have dinner. Yana walked out of with the bone soup and sat on the chair. As a result, Yana felt the soup too hot. She took back her hand and the soup dropped from the pot.

"Ah!" Yana shouted out. Albert turned to look at it. Then he reached out his hand to hold the pot that was about to be dropped on the ground.

"Are you all right?" After he put down the casserole on the table, he turned around and grabbed Yana's hand. Noticing that her fingertips were scalded red and swollen, he blamed her, "How could you be so careless? There is a cushion in the kitchen. You can put some cushion under the pot. Then everything will be okay. "

"Ha ha, I'm fine. It's just that it's a little red this time, and it'll be fine later. " Yana smiled, "Never mind. Let's eat! When I asked you about the scent of the noodles and the soup just now in the kitchen, my saliva fell down. Alisa, have a taste. The noodles and soup made by dad are so delicious! "

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