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   Chapter 391 Return Alisa To Yana

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9109

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Someday, I was in Paris, France. I narrowly came here, to the dream country of my brother. Baby, we will depend on each other in the future. I will make you happy! "

Someday, Ellis told me that Albert had an accident. He never came to himself until recently. 'Why did he become like this? I told you to be alive before. Why do you become like this? Why do you make me worry about you even in the other country? It took me a long time to make up my mind to leave, but you persuaded me to change my mind!

I have stuck in this relationship for many years. I decided to go back. I will take you back to see your father, baby. If he dies, I'll take you with me!

I have come back to the place where I left in the past days, and begged them to see you. 'To be alive, Albert! Stay alive, Albert! '

Finally he had waken up... But I didn't see him, not even a glance at him. His mother told me that although he had lost his memory, he didn't forget anyone except me and our past...

It didn't matter whether he had lost his memory or not. We used to be through thick and thin, but I remember it all by myself. You have to live well. As long as you are alive, I have the courage to live, even if we will never see each other again in the future. As long as you are safe, it is a sunny day!

It made his heart ache to see that. It turned out that it wasn't Yana who had abandoned him, but many misunderstandings and hatred had separated them. 'It turned out that you pushed her away. It's all your fault!

You killed Yana's brother, and Yana almost couldn't let murderer be in prison. You made her leave her hometown. Now she lost her daughter, and she was even unable to live! You son of a bitch, Albert!

Brian should hit him, he deserved it! He deserved it!

Look at what you have done to Yana? What right do you have to be so cruel to her? What right do you have?'

Holding himself tightly in pain, he locked himself in his arms...

Yana was in a daze and didn't know where she was. It was so dark around her that she couldn't see her fingers. She seemed to see her dead parents and her brother smiling at her. She saw her first child grow up happily under the care of her parents and brother.

When she saw her parents turn their heads to her and smile, they shouted, "Yana, come here! I have cooked your favorite dishes! "

Her father said to her, "Yana, come here! Let's play games! "

Her brother said to her, "Yana, are you tired? Take a rest if you feel tired. I'm here with you! "

The little child greeted her sweetly, "Mom, mom... "

She smiled and thought, 'That's great. The whole family is together now. ' She ran happily towards her parents, her brother and her child, but su

ght to visit her. Besides, Alisa must live with me for several days a month. I don't ask for much. She can live with you for twenty days, ten days with me or less, but I have to live with her for several days a month. I don't want Alisa to keep a distance from me all the time! "

"Okay... !"

"Third, you have to sign with our company, so you can only stay in A Country to shoot. "

"Anything else? "

"That's all I want. If you can do it, I'll return Alisa to you. Otherwise, you know I have many ways to make you lose Alisa. "

"I promise you on your three points! "

"There is a document here. It's about these three points in two parts. We'll sign it! " He put the files on the table in front of Yana.

Yana picked up the document and took a quick glance at it. It was exactly the same as what he had said about the three points. Yana raised her head to look at him. "Okay, I'll sign it! Then she signed it and passed the document to him. He took up his pen and signed the contract. There were two copies, one for each person, and the contract would come into force!

"Now you can keep Alisa by your side. When you comfort her, call me and I will pick her up to my house for a few days. The apartment you are living in is originally left to you by me... I destroyed the apartment you rented and drove you to the street. That's my compensation. "

"Albert, you... "

"I don't remember anything. When someone has the riddle in his heart, he will try every means to uncover it. So... I am just curious so I want to know more and more. But I remember nothing. Yana, I'm really sorry for the harm I've caused to you... I will try my best not to disturb you. In addition to the bond with Alisa, I hope that you can live a safe life. It is a kind of compensation about... the harm to you in the past! "

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