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   Chapter 387 Yana Is So Pathetic

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 10129

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The case had lasted for a long time. After all, it was an international case. Because after Yana gave birth to Alisa, she was registered in Jason's name to be a daughter of Jason Zhang in order to continue her acting career. That was to say, the one who really engaged in the lawsuit with Albert was none other than Jason!

If they were in Country B, under the law of Country B, there was absolutely no way for Albert to win over the custody of the child. However, this was in A Country. In this case, if the biological father wanted to fight for the custody of the child, the adoptive father would be very rarely to win, and this opponent was none other than Albert...

Yana sat on the plaintiff's chair and looked at Albert. It seemed that he didn't care what the lawyer said to the plaintiff at all. He just fiddled with his finger with his head down, looking confident.

Yes, he was very confident? Who was he? He was the ruler of the whole C City. How could he have something he couldn't get?

Then she turned his head to look at Jason. His brows wrinkled tighter and tighter along with the lawyer's statement. In the end, he thumped the table angrily and stood up. He pointed his finger at Albert and shouted angrily, "Albert, are you a fucking man? I don't believe that Alisa will agree to live with you! Where is Alisa? I want to see Alisa! I want to see Alisa! "

With a scornful smile, Albert reached out his hands to hold up half of his body on the table and looked at him coldly, "She is my daughter. How could you, a lowly person, have the right to see her? If you have nothing to say, I'll call the judge to pronounce the punishment! "

Jason suddenly got flustered. He turned his head to look at Yana subconsciously. Yana was looking at Albert with a gentle smile, as if she didn't care about the result at all.

Finally, the judge ruled. The final result was that Albert could get custody of Alisa!

'It's good, isn't it?' From the moment Yana was about to sue Albert, this was the final decision, wasn't it? No one could take away everything he wanted in front of the ruler of C City. Anyone who had such thoughts was foolish! 'Very well. I really don't know what kind of person he is!'

After walking out of the court hall, Yana stood outside, bathing in the strong sunshine. For the first time, she felt dizzy. If it were not for Ellis and Jason behind her, she would surely faint in front of the media.

Yana stood up and smiled at them apologetically. Albert, who was next to her, also walked out with the crowd around. He was wearing sunglasses and seemed to be very arrogant. He stepped forward and stood in front of them. With a cold smile on his face, he reached out his hand to Jason and said, "Thank you for the lack of evidence you prepared. That's why my lawyer could find a flaw in your case in such a short time. We win with one move!"

Jason snorted and turned his head away.

Albert didn't mind. He took back his hand and looked at Yana, "I said that in A Country, e

g and shouting while running after a car. It was a more horrific scene!

Feeling stifled, Brian said coldly, "It's all my fault. If I hadn't brought Yana back, she wouldn't be like this. Albert, I don't know whether you or she is unlucky to have met each other. " After he finished speaking, Brian turned around and walked out of the room.

The rest of them didn't dare to say anything. They just watched the TV silently. Although the picture on TV had been changed, everyone's mind was filled with Yana's sad figure.

What should they say? Yana was so pathetic!

"Albert, how about... You'd better return the child to her. Yana lost everything, and you are going to marry Yvonne. You are going to have your own children in the future, so keeping Alisa with you may not be a good thing. We can tell Yana that we have the right to visit Alisa. She is the child of our Cheng Family and it will never change! What do you think? " Bella said cautiously.

With a frown, Albert stood up and went out. After a short while, she heard the sound of him starting the car and driving away.

With the support of Ellis and Jason, she went back to where she lived. Feeling exhausted, she slumped into the sofa, feeling at a loss.

Ellis looked at her and asked, "Yana, are you hungry? I'll make you a bowl of noodles for you. "

"No, thanks. I'm fine. I'm not hungry at all!" Yana straightened her back and said, "You may leave now. I'm fine."


"Don't worry. I'm really fine. I have to sort out Alisa's things and send them to her tomorrow. My Alisa. I have prepared a lot of things for her! You go first. Leave me alone. I want to be alone for a while. "


Jason still wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Ellis, "Alright, since you want to be alone for a while, then I'll leave you alone. But Yana, don't take things too hard! Do call me if anything happens, okay? "

Yana looked distracted. After heaving a sigh, Ellis grabbed Jason's hand and walked out of the room with him.

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