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   Chapter 386 Cold Strangers

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9138

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"Mom, I think both Barry and Lacy should retreat, because they are not as cruel as you, mom! You are enough to be the leader of the Flaming Sect alone! " He was totally devastated!

"Brian!" Jacob frowned, "How dare you talk to your mother like that? !"

"Did I say anything wrong?" Brian said angrily, "Father, mother, Alisa was brought up by Yana. Nobody has the right to take her away from Yana! Where were you when Yana gave birth to Alisa? Where have you been since she brought Alisa up all by herself and suffered so much? Now you know that Yana has given birth to a daughter for Albert, and all of you scramble to get the child back. And you make up an excuse that Alisa will live a hard life with Yana. Have you ever thought that if it weren't for you, Yana wouldn't have lived a single life with Alisa?

Having a hard time? Then I'd like to ask you, mom. You left without saying goodbye when you were still pregnant. If you didn't show up, Dad would never know you had a child! Was my eldest brother living a happy life with you at that time? Mom, why didn't you tell Dad about Davis back then? It is how Yana feels now! Why can't you just accept it? And was there really no good way? You came back that year, so you married my father. You gave birth to my second elder brother, me and Albert. Why don't you want Yana to come back? Are you satisfied with the fact that you have to separate them? "

"What nonsense are you talking about?" As Yvonne spoke out these words subconsciously, she glimpsed at Albert and said, "Albert has lost his memory. He can't live with a woman he doesn't remember at all. Does he have to force himself to be sad for the sake of this child? "

"Well, to be sad? Albert, even if it's tough. For Alisa's sake, don't you want to give her a happy family that she can grow up healthily and happily? If you don't care about her, how can you take her away from Yana? Yana is poor, but she loves her child. What about you? Besides the fact that you can provide Alisa with an extravagant material life, what else can you give her? Her father didn't love her, let alone her stepmother! So, Albert, is this the happiness you are going to give Alisa? "

In Brian's eyes, the Cheng Family was such a ridiculous family!

"Albert. Three years ago, Yana met you. She was only twenty-three years old this year. Before she met you, she had lived a hard life. She had to raise a little brother with heart disease, but she had never been desperate and was always optimistic. But since she met you? I can hardly see a smile on her face! Do you have to be so cruel to her, Albert? She really had no relatives. She lost her younger brother three years ago because she loved you. Three years later, sh

e. I really feel sorry. So don't get involved this time. "

"No way? It's me who have put you in such a situation. If I don't do anything, how can I rest assured? My family has gone too far this time. Don't worry, Yana. Even if I can't do anything, I will be by your side! "

"Thank you, Brian!"

Yana had thought that Albert wouldn't cooperate easily this time, but to her surprise, he didn't. Everything went smoothly with the paternity test and background investigation.

On the day when the court was started, Yana drove to the gate of the court with Jason's company, and Cheng Family's momentum suppressed them hundreds of times. A long string of luxury sports cars stopped at the door of the court. All the Cheng Family's members were present. Albert was the first one to get out of the car. He eyed Yana from the crowd.

Yana looked at him fearlessly. Their eyes met and neither of them spoke.

The reporter's question broke the embarrassment, "Miss Yana, what do you want to say about the fight?"

"He can't get something that doesn't belong to him, even though he is powerful!"

"So what's your opinion, Mr. Albert?"

"No matter it's mine or not. Whatever I want is mine!"

How arrogant he was! Yana glared at Albert with burning, reproachful eyes!

"What do you think about the two former lovers becoming the opponents?"

"Maybe this is fate. But anyway, there is nothing to regret. "

Hearing Yana's words, the reporter turned to Albert and asked, "What about Mr. Albert?"

However, Albert just snorted coldly, turned around and walked in. Yana cast a glance at Albert' retreating figure.

The case was soon started. Alisa was sitting on the plaintiff's side, while Albert on the defendant's side. They used to be close with each other, but now they became cold and aloof strangers.

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