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   Chapter 384 It Was All His Fault.

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Looking up at the man who was about to leave without any hesitation, Brian burned with rage, and he shouted at his car, "Albert, you're the most cold-blood man in the world! You bastard... "

But before he could finish his threatening words, he felt his arms sink. He lowered his head and saw that Yana had passed out completely. Her face was covered with horrible blood.

Having no time to scold the evil man, Brian lifted Yana up and rushed to the hospital.

The magnificent cars drove into the villa slowly. After they got out, Albert carried Alisa in his arms and walked into the house. However, Alisa started kicking him in his arms. She wailed, "I want my mom! I want my mommy! I don't want you. I want mommy. You're a bad uncle. I don't want you any more! Mom! Alisa even added some sobs.

Hearing what she said, Albert got so angry that he threw Alisa directly onto the sofa. He also sat on the sofa, and stretched out his hands to tear off his collar. Although he wore casual Guardian clothes, he still felt a little difficult to breathe.

Thinking of Yana kneeling down before him with a bloody face, his heart softened. But in the end, he didn't even ask the woman to take a look at Alisa. He didn't know what was on his mind. But now, seeing Alisa cry so sadly, he could not help but ask himself, "Did I really do something wrong?"

He knew clearly that no matter what had happened between him and Yana, and in what situation she was conceived, he didn't want to have anything to do with Yana any more. He felt that something terrible had happened between him and Yana. Since he had made up his mind that there would be no future, he would never let Alisa go. Then why would he let Yana have any hope? The child was meant to be his. He would never make any concession!

But seeing Alisa beside him crying out of breath, he frowned and didn't know what to do.

All of a sudden, he heard some footsteps from upstairs, followed a cheerful voice which ran towards him happily. The person gave a big laugh and said, "Albert, where did you go? I came back, but no one was at home! Didn't I tell you that I would be back today and asked you to wait for me at home? "

Without any change of expression on his face, Albert looked down at the hands that were holding his arms, and then looked up at that woman, without saying a word. Without waiting for his answer, Yvonne looked at Alisa and asked, "Albert, who is this child? Why is she crying? "

Hearing Alisa's louder and louder cry, Albert finally couldn't help but burst into fury. He sprang to his feet, pointed at Alisa and shouted, "Alisa, if you dare to cry again, I will send you to a place where you will never see your mother!"

All of a sudden, Alisa stopped crying. She blinked her big eyes, which were filled w

ut breathe a sigh of relief.

Although he didn't love her very much, she was a good girl, sensible and reasonable. She wouldn't cling to him and didn't cause him any trouble. As he lost his memory, he felt empty in his heart. He felt like he needed someone to fill in it, but that person was not Yvonne. However, he knew that there was no woman who was more suitable to stay with him than Yvonne.

He could no longer love anyone, nor could he easily fall in love with any other woman. Therefore, their relationship was good to him, wasn't it? And Yvonne was also nice to Alisa. From now on, even if Yana could no longer be her mother, she didn't have to worry that her stepmother would mistreat Alisa, right?

So he heaved a deep sigh of relief as if a big problem had been solved. However, he had neglected that it was useless for Alisa as she was not her biological mother. She could never replace her own mother in her heart. Just like Albert, Bella was so good to him. But he always had a sense of being abandoned. He had such a feeling, let alone Alisa?

But now, apparently, he had neglected this problem.

With Yana in his arms, Brian rushed into the hospital and followed her closely. When the door of the operating room was closed, he heaved a sigh of relief and slumped into the chair, panting heavily.

Looking at the lights on the operating room, Brian suddenly lost his temper. It was all his fault. If he hadn't played tricks and forced Yana to return to the country, she wouldn't have been in danger now. Her career stopped, and she lost her child.

Back then, he had always thought that Yana would be able to save Albert from the devastating hit. But he seemed to have neglected that Albert was mentally ill. How could he deal with him like others? But it was too late. Alisa had been taken away by Albert and Yana was sent to the hospital.

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