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   Chapter 381 Are You Robber

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Albert felt it laughable and said, "Ellis, are you sure you want to get involved in this matter? I advise you not to overrate yourself! As an excellent young master, you are indeed the only heir. But as you know, as long as your father, Hardy doesn't die, you don't have real power. The only heir that the An Family doesn't favor compared to the youngest heir of the Cheng Family. Ellis, I won't let you know what I'm going to do! "

Hearing what he said, Ellis could not help frowning and biting his lips. What he had said was true. The Cheng Family and the An Family were the local power and strong power. The only difference was the Cheng Family defended A Country, the An Family defended the B Country. In other words, the two families were same powerful in their local place. As a matter of fact, Albert was the youngest son of the Cheng Family and his fortune was only about ten billion. Thus, he wouldn't be the heir of the Cheng Family originally. But it seemed that the other three sons of the Cheng Family were not in the mood to care about the company's business. One by one, they transferred their right to him. Although his fortune wasn't much higher than that of his other brothers, the power behind the Cheng Family was all taken over by him. In terms of family property, Ellis wouldn't be inferior to Albert. However, in terms of hands and strength, there was a huge gap between them. In fact, he was the young master of the An Family, and that was all. But Albert had the real power of the Cheng Family.

"But so what? I don't believe that evil can win? "Albert, this time we will do things by the way of law. This is not the matter of who has more people, but who has more powerful evidence. Albert, under the law, I can even defeat you without using any of my subordinates."

"Really?" Raising his eyebrows coldly, Albert looked at Yana and asked, "Do you think so?"

Albert furrowed his eyebrows, which giving Yana a bad feeling. She said, "No matter what, we'll not compromise that easily. I believe that you are capable enough to put me into a dead end. But even if there is a dead end, I will never easily give up! I'll never let go of Alisa even if I'm going to die! "

"Great! You're so determined! Then I'm here to congratulate you all on winning the case! I was expecting the summons from court at home! " After Albert finished speaking, he put on a cold smile and turned around to leave.

Yana leaned against the bed and sighed. Her mind was in a mess. Did she really have to fight against him in the court this time? 'Why don't you let me off? Why can't you just give me a day of comfort? Why do you make me hate you before I feel less guilty?'

Seeing that Yana was having a headache, Ellis, who was standing

e odds to win this battle. "

"Ellis, why did you say that? Brian is much more easygoing than Albert. Maybe his personality also has many colors of justice because he had played too many heroes. Maybe he will help me persuade Albert in general. But it is different this time. It is for Alisa, a kid who is belonged to the Cheng Family. Brian could be careless in small things, but in this respect, I think his family won't allow their child to live outside. So... I can't rely on Brian. Perhaps Brian will come back to persuade me to give up the custody of my baby and return to B Country to be my superstar... "

Hearing that, Ellis didn't say a word. He thought it was highly possible. No matter how righteous Brian was, he wouldn't joke about his family. Things seemed to become more and more trouble. They just hoped that Jason could take away the resident registration certificate of Alisa as soon as possible, so that they would have a better chance of winning.

It turned out that Yana knew the brothers well. Sure enough, the next day when Yana was about to leave the hospital, Brian came over with a long face and slumped into the bed. He raised his eyes at Yana and said, "Yana, how can you cheat me? If you had told me earlier that Alisa is Albert's child, I wouldn't have forced you to come back. What should I do now? Albert has already known the truth of the matter. Even if I don't want to separate you and your daughter, it seems to be a little late... "

"If I had told you that at that time, would you have taken Alisa back or made a phone call to tell your whole family about Alisa's identity? By then, even if you really don't want to take Alisa away, I'm afraid Alisa won't be with me anymore. However... Brian, are you a robber? Why did you take away my child without asking for my opinion? It's unfair to me! "

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