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   Chapter 380 Faint

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Eyes downcast, Yana sank into despair. She knew clearly that before or after he lost his memory, it only changed his memory, not his character. He meant what he said!

Seeing that Yana let go of his hand so feebly and her body turned ashen, he suddenly stopped. He looked at the weak woman with a frown, and his heart ached. But he couldn't remember anything about this woman.

Despite his unwillingness, he left anyway. Hearing his receding footsteps, Yana's heart slowly fell to the ground, breaking into pieces.

Jason was finally set free by Albert. She had been tortured for a long time in the hotel next to the airport. But she didn't get a good sleep. She looked much weaker now. Jason was sent to the hotel. When he knocked on the door and saw Yana come out in such a messy way, he exclaimed, "God! I'm the one who was kidnapped. Why don't I look as messy as you are now? "

Hearing the howl, Yana came to her senses. She grabbed Jason's hand and looked at his body. "Jason? Why are you here? Are you all right? Did he give you a hard time? "

Jason shook his head. Seeing that Yana was so tired, he said with worry, "I'm fine. They serve me well. But you, what's wrong with you? Why did you torture yourself like a ghost? What about Alisa? Didn't she come back with you? "

Yana held back her tears and shook her head. Leaning against his shoulder, she asked, "Jason, tell me what I should do now? Albert must take Alisa away... I can't stop him at all. But if he took Alisa away, how could I live! Alisa is my entire life. I really don't know what to do. I don't have either power or influence. How can I defeat him? Jason, is Alisa really leaving me? "

Hearing what Yana had said, Jason's anger almost broke his teeth. He clenched his fists and shouted, "How can this man do this? Did he do nothing but take away a child brought up by someone else? Did he think he was from the underworld? Don't be afraid, Yana. I won't let him take Alisa away from you! I know Alisa is your everything. I won't let you lose your only family! "

"But what can we do? The Cheng family is connected with both the government and the criminal. We can't defeat them at all! Jason, stay out of this. I don't want you to get involved in this. It's not easy for your family to gain a firm foothold in Country B, and I don't want to get you involved because of me. So, Jason, go home. Leave us alone! "

"How can that be? I have sworn in front of God that I will protect you and Alisa. I will do it! I won't let you two break up! "Jason said assertively as if he was going to die a heroic death.

Right then, Ellis arrived. He looked at Yana, knowing that things didn't go well and that Alber

rest of your life. I have no objection to that. But Alisa has nothing to do with you from now on! "

The blank cheque was passed to Yana. His words made her tremble with rage. Her anger was even fueled. She grabbed the blank cheque, tore it up and threw it in front of him, roaring, "Don't use your damn money to buy me off! Do you think you can do anything just because you are rich? Do you think money can buy everything? Let me tell you. It's impossible! I, Yana, will never sell my daughter to you even if I go penniless! Keep your dirty money and fuck off with your filthy man! "

"Yana, you'd better think twice! If you do go bankrupt, do you think you still have the ability to take care of Alisa? Are you still going to take Alisa to live a poor life like a beggar? Besides, do you think I will let my daughter live such a hard life? You will have a worse end then! So you'd better think carefully! "

"Fuck off! Get out! You don't have to worry about us in the future. Don't think too much. I'm telling you, I won't compromise! Alisa is my daughter. She will be my daughter forever. I will never sell her to you! If you think that Alisa is a product and you can buy whatever you want, then you don't deserve to be Alisa's father! Get out! Get out of here! "

As he was speaking, Ellis walked up to him and said, "She is still very weak now. She can't be jarred too much. So you'd better wait until she gets better! Besides, if you really don't want to give Alisa back to her, we will take legal action to get custody of Alisa. We'll take what you did today as your way to deal with it. If they're to investigate it, we'll tell the truth. You'd better go back and wait for the summons from court! I know how capable the Cheng family is. But everyone is equal in front of the law, isn't it? "

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