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   Chapter 379 Threat

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Alisa nodded happily. Suddenly she frowned and said, "But... Where's Uncle Jason? Are we getting off the plane? Why isn't Uncle Jason here? My mom will be very angry if she knows that I'm not with Uncle Jason! Uncle, did you see Uncle Jason? I want to call Mom... "

Walking out of the room, Albert glanced at the little girl who had fallen asleep. Then he took out his phone and called John, "Go and pick up Yana!"

At the moment, Yana was exhausted. She sat on a bench in a park alone, looking so lonely. Suddenly, a black Benz stopped in front of her. She raised her head and saw John getting out of the car. He stood in front of her and said respectfully, "Miss Yana, my master wants to see you."

Yana was startled. She nodded and left with John.

The car slowly drove into a remote castle in Country B. when Yana opened the car door and got out, she was taken directly to the back garden by the servant. The moment Yana walked inside, he saw Albert sitting in the garden all alone.

Yana stood there for a long time, staring at the receding figure of Albert. Her eyes became dim as if there was a kind of liquid rolling around. She tried her best to hold back the tears in her eyes.

As if having felt the existence of Yana, Albert suddenly turned around and saw her. The softness and tears in Yana's eyes, which were so evident that they had fallen into his eyes, but she didn't get flustered at all. After adjusting her emotions, she walked up to him, raised her head and looked at him, said, "Give Alisa back to me, please."

"What's your answer? Don't you want to tell me the truth now? "

"Haven't you already got the answer? Why do you have to hear it from my own mouth? It seems that only the rich people like you have high self-esteem. We are just your toys? I know I have hidden the truth from you and it was all my fault. But, can you release Jason first? He is innocent! "

"Alisa told me that Jason was nice to her and that he wasn't her father. I'm happy about this! "

In the room, hearing Alisa call Jason uncle, Albert was immediately in a good mood. He asked, "Alisa, why do you call Jason uncle? Isn't he your father? "

"Of course he is not my father! But Uncle Jason is as nice to me as daddy! I had never seen my father. My mother gave birth to me in D Country alone, and only Uncle Jason and Uncle Ellis were with her then. My mother went to B Country to shoot a movie, and Uncle Ellis left, too. It was Uncle Jason who brought me up. When I was a child, Uncle Jason took me to the hospital, coaxed me to take medicine, and told me good stories. I don't know what Dad looks like, but I know other people's fathers always treat their children in this way. So I think Uncle Jason is my dad! "

His w

o. My younger brother could have lived for ten more years, but he just died. Are you trying to take my daughter away from me when you appeared in my life three years later? How can you be so evil, Albert? Why do you take my only family away from me again and again? My younger brother died. Thank you for sending Alisa to me to make me have the courage to live. Even if we can't be together, at least I have a family. I'm not alone without the courage to live. I beg you not to take Alisa away from me. I have nothing except Alisa. I really have nothing! If you take Alisa away, how can I live? We're different, Albert! You have a fiancee, and you will have more children in the future. But Alisa is my only child. And have you ever thought about what your fiancee would do if she knew the existence of Alisa? No woman could stand her husband betraying her and having a child! There is no stepmother in the world would be kind to a stepdaughter. No matter how well you protected Alisa, wouldn't there be any time when you were negligent? Please let go of Alisa and let her live with me. I promise, I promise, you will see her all the time. Alisa is my only child. I will not marry anybody else in my life. I will be with Alisa. "

Looking at Yana's tearful face, Albert felt a sudden pain in his heart. At this moment, he just wanted to give up. After regaining his composure, his face suddenly became cold and said, "How can I believe a woman who had betrayed me? Alisa is my daughter. My daughter will never live as an illegitimate daughter forever! Yana, if you really want to be good to your daughter, let me take her away. Otherwise, I can't guarantee what I will do to Jason!" Oh, by the way, I guess Jason hasn't been let out yet. "

Hearing what he said, Yana collapsed to the ground. She couldn't hurt this man, she couldn't...

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