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   Chapter 375 Ina Back

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"I wanted to let it go a long time ago. But if I could, I wouldn't be so sad now. But I'm better now. At least, he doesn't remember me anymore. Even if he knows our past, he can't remember that he loved me in the past. I'm the only one who's suffering. I'm the only one who's sober. Ina, I shouldn't have come back... "

"You know clearly whether you should or not. Look at me, I can still live well after being chased for so many years, why can't you? Maybe you think you are really miserable now, but I don't know if you are willing to listen to my story? Maybe you'll find the world beautiful then. "

"Your story? Are you living a miserable life? More than me? A beggar wandering on the street? "

"Yana, maybe you don't believe it. I admit that I had a good material life in my childhood, at least not reduced to a beggar. But my life is not that good! My father is called Steve Liu, and my mother is named Amanda. My father used to be the son of the CEO of a top enterprise in C City, and also the only inheritor. My mother was the only daughter of the former mayor of C City. Yana, do you think I'm from a very rich family? "

"Aren't you?"

Ina smiled sweetly, but very lonely. "But do you know under what kind of circumstances I was born? My father didn't love my mother, but he was engaged to her. While my father loved Albert's foster mother. His aunt, Mrs. Bella. My father loved Mrs. Bella very much. He has been waiting for her since he was young, until he passed away. Do you know how my father died? "

"He was killed by the Cheng Family?" Although Yana was asking, her answer was undoubted.

Ina replied, "I don't know. But I do know that my father's death has something to do with the Cheng Family. My father tried to get Mrs. Bella from Uncle Carter, so I knew that Uncle Carter would not let go of my father. Later, my father's company was destroyed and purchased by the Cheng Family. My father lost everything, but my mother had always been with him. My father died when he was about to elope with aunt Bella. At that time, I was just born without seeing my father, my mother died with my father. Then I lived in the countryside with my grandparents. I didn't know I had a tough life until I went to middle school. My grandparents had to save money to pay my tuition and send me to the best school. They said my mom and dad had studied there, and they wanted me to go to the place where they had stayed before. Then I met Albert and Lewis there. But we were not familiar with each other then. "

Ina said in a calm voice, "Because it's a private school. The students there are either rich or powerful. They are the second generation of the rich or officials. They are all very arr

so she looked at him and asked, "Are you crazy? Tell them to leave right now! It's so embarrassing! " Everyone was staring at her when she was on the street. Damn it! There had never been a day like this in her life!

But Lewis smiled and said, "Who dares to say you are disgraceful? They are looking at you with admiration and envy! Who has the gut to say you are disgraceful? Right, trainees? "

"Yes!" They answered neatly and loudly, even the leaves were shaken down by the sound.

Ina hurried to say, "Oh, don't let them shout again! If they shout again, I will run away again, so that you will never find me! "

"Are you threatening me again..." Lewis waved his hand to get those students back to their teams and then stood in an orderly fashion. "Are you satisfied with this? Ina, you're finally back. Do you know how hard it was for me to find you? "

"Aren't you an intelligence? Aren't you the one who tracked the news the best? Why are you always unable to find me? You don't want to see me, do you? "

"No! Ina, you know I'm good at tracing people. I can find you soon and bring you back to me. But Ina, you tell me, if what I bring back is an empty body without a soul, how can I not feel heartbroken? Ina, I am waiting for you to come back willingly one day to stay by my side and become my wife. It is a great honor for a man to have someone by his side to assist him throughout the world, instead of his career! You're the one that I want to rule the world with! "

Ina kept silent, but her eyes were red, and tears did not fall. After a long time, Ina chuckled and said, "Lewis, you are very fast this time. You found me in less than eight hours after I got off the plane! But I want to know, aren't you an intelligence worker? Why did you become the instructor of elite team? "

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