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   Chapter 373 Alisa Leaved

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"Thank you, Moore. I know what I should do! Tell mom and Dad that I have to leave now. "

"Okay!" Moore nodded to him. Albert turned around and walk out. Moore didn't leave until Albert's car disappeared in the darkness.

All people in the room heard the sound of car outside. Now, seeing that only Moore came back, Stella hurriedly asked, "Moore, where did you go just now? Were you with Albert? Where is he now? "

"Oh, he talked to me outside for a while. Suddenly he remembered that he had something to do, so he left first. He didn't have time to say goodbye to you. It seems to be something urgent. "

"Okay." Stella nodded, then she looked at Jacob and said, "I have told you that our family is already very good. You don't have to run a big company to make so much money.! How about now? Our son has to work overtime every day. He was even in a hurry when coming back to have a meal with us! I'm telling you, shut down the Ricky International tomorrow. Leave my son at home and have a good rest. He should spend more time with me! "

Jacob was amused by her unreasonable requests. He held her and said, "Honey, the whole C city is controlled by the Ricky International group now. If I shut it down now, I'm afraid that lots of people will jump off the building tomorrow morning! Besides, Albert said that he had something urgent to do. Maybe it was his personal affair, not the company's business? If staff in the company were not even capable of asking the president to go home and have a meal with families, they would be fired! So, honey, could you be kind enough to me and not to let the whole C City suffer from it? "

"Well... Forget it! But Albert had never been so anxious about his own thing? Is Yvonne back? But when did he start to be so concerned about her? "

While they were talking, the entertainment news began to play on TV. The headline was the TV series that Yana had come back to shoot! The pictures of Yana on TV were placed one by one, but there was not a single video.

Stella said, "What brought Yana here? And how could she sign the contract with the company Albert just started? "

"Mom, she's an actress and she went up step by step from our Expected Film Company. Though there was hardly any news about her past, she had made great achievements on the international stage as the outstanding person in A Country! So why couldn't she come back and continue acting? She's the Oscar's international movie queen. She can make a lot of money for our company! We have to celebrate our cooperation with her. Why do you think it's a bad thing to work with her? " Brian said casually.

" Isn't it a bad thing? She had left for three years, but now

my there, you have to eat well, you know? I hope you can be taller when I see you next time, okay? "

"Okay. Uncle, I promise you. I must be very tall and pretty when I see you next time!"

"Well, what a good girl!"

After playing for a while, the electronic female voice at the airport urged the passengers to board. Jason picked up Alisa, waved goodbye to them and got on the plane.

After watching them leave, Yana sighed with profound resignation and walked out. Then, Albert turned around and walked out with Yana.

Yana walked to her car and opened the door. When she was about to start the engine, she saw that Albert had gotten in the car too. He started the engine but didn't make any movement. She glanced at him and then drove away herself. Albert followed her.

Albert's car was following Yana's all the way. He didn't overtake the car, but just followed it quietly.

Yana frowned and looked at the car behind her. She sighed helplessly, turned the steering wheel and pulled over the road. Meanwhile, Albert's car stopped as well. Yana got out of the car and walked towards Albert's car. She knocked on the car window, and then the driver opened the door and got off. The two stood at the roadside, staring at each other.

"Do you have much time? Why should you waste time on such a trifle? '? If you have something to say, or want to ask me, just say it now. I don't have much time to wait with you! "

After hesitating for a while, Albert's lips moved but he didn't say anything. 、

Yana sighed resignedly. "If you don't have anything else to say, then I'll take my leave. Stop following me!" Then she turned around and was about to get on the car. But she was grabbed by him. "Alisa... What's the relationship between her and me? She... Is she my daughter? "

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