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   Chapter 372 Paternity Testing

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Caressing Alisa's head, Albert smiled and said, "I can't give you the gift now, but I promise I'll give you! You are leaving for B Country tomorrow, right? "

"Yes, uncle. Will I never see you again? "

"It's impossible!" No, it couldn't be. If he had known that Alisa was his daughter, how could he possibly have his daughter stranded outside? "So you can rest assured. I will definitely give you a gift! But Alisa, don't tell anyone that you have given the hair to me today, including your mother. Otherwise, we may never see each other again! Don't tell mommy that if you want to see me again, and don't tell anyone that we're exchanging gifts! "

"I can't tell mom..." Alisa hesitated. But the idea of telling her mother that she might not be able to see Albert again upset her. After hesitating for a while, she made up her mind to accept his request decisively.

Albert caressed Alisa's head and said happily, "I believe what you have promised me will be fulfilled. Let's go. I will drive you home. Mother has been waiting for a long time. " As he spoke, he sped up and arrived at the apartment.

As soon as he rang the bell, the door was opened. At the sight of Alisa, Yana rushed out and hugged her. "Alisa, you scared the hell out of me! Your father called me and told me that you were missing. I almost passed out! How could you go with a stranger? Next time such a thing happens again, I will beat you to death! "

"Mom, I'm sorry to have worried you! I met that uncle, and I knew you knew him, but I couldn't find my father, so I went with him. I'm sorry, mom. I won't leave alone again. Mom, don't worry. "

"You're going back tomorrow. After such thing happened, how can mom let you go back alone?"

"Since you don't trust her, why don't you let her stay? Or you are in such a hurry to send her away just to cover up something? " Standing aside and watching coldly, Albert spoke out the words that were like throwing a sharp knife into Yana's heart.

Yana looked up at him in stunned disbelief. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, don't you? It's late now. You should go to bed early. Alisa is leaving tomorrow, and you can't go with her. You'd better think carefully about what you haven't prepared, so that you won't be worried during this period. " He glanced at Alisa, turned around and walked into the elevator.

Yana watched him disappear in the distance. Then she turned to Alisa and asked, "Alisa, tell me, is there anything happening in the Cheng Family? Did that uncle do anything strange to you? "

"No, Mommy! The uncles and aunts of the Cheng Family are very kind to me. They even buy me delicious biscuit, and I played with sisters and brother together! Uncle Albert was also nice to m

me first. I am not sure whether the child is mine or not! The child was still young, and it was impossible for her to live without her mother. Even if she could do so, that mother would be very sad! I'd better wait until I confirm everything! If the child is mine, I will take her back in a peaceful way. If not, then I won't bother her, right? "

"Albert, when did you learn to be reasonable? It's not your style! " Although what Moore said was full of ridicule, there was no disdain in it. "Well, I know, I will help you with this! But the paternity test result may not come out in a short time. We need to wait patiently! "

"Moore, I hope I can get it as soon as possible. I hope you can work hard and make the result as soon as possible! Besides... Don't let our parents know about it. You know mom well. Once she knows, she will go to get the child back no matter what! It would be terrible if both sides got hurt! Although our family doesn't fear anything, we can't let others say that we take advantage of our power to bully people. So I hope you can help me hide it from them. I will tell them when everything is handled! "

"Okay, I know! Albert, you've grown up. You know how to consider for others! I am quite satisfied with this fact! Don't worry. I will handle it! I'll let you know as soon as possible. " |

"Yes! Thank you, brother! " Albert smiled. Moore said, "You are my younger brother. Don't be so polite to me. No need to say thank you. Well, I should go now. Or I may mess up the hair later! "

Albert nodded. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked, "Moore, what kind of gift do children like?"

Moore thought for a while and said, "It depends on whether it's a girl or a boy! Boys liked remote control toys more, while girls preferred rags more! Who do you want to give it to? That child? ",

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