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   Chapter 371 Ask Alisa's Hair as a Gift

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9312

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The atmosphere in the room became awkward. Brian was a little annoyed by Yana's attitude. Everyone was silent for a moment.

After taking a sip of the wine, Albert said, "Brother, don't argue with her. I know that Miss Yana is very worried about Alisa now. Alisa is missing, so you'd better stop messing around with her. Tell Miss Yana where Alisa is. Otherwise, I'll be worried as well. "

It seemed that Brian knew that he had gone too far, so he said awkwardly, "Well... I'll ask Jane to take her back... "

"She's taken back? Back to where? " Yana's reaction was very fierce. "She was taken to... The Cheng Family's mansion? "

"It should be! Today is our first day back, Jane should go home first! "

Yana almost passed out! Why did he have to bring Alisa back to the Cheng Family?

Seeing that Yana was about to pass out, Albert put the glass on the table and left. Yana looked up at Albert. But he had left quickly.

Raising his eyebrows, Brian said with a smile, "Okay, you can rest assured now! Under Albert's help, even if your daughter is really kidnapped, she can come back unharmed! It's not funny at all! "

But Yana didn't respond. She was extremely nervous, hoping that Stella wouldn't find out who Alisa was. She was so nervous that her palms were sweating. Although she didn't want Albert to be close to Alisa, compared with Stella, she preferred to let him be close to Alisa!

At the Cheng Family's courtyard, Jane and Hannah played with a few children on the lawn outside. Alisa was not afraid of strangers at all and had a good time with them. Although she was the youngest, she was the most sensible girl. She didn't take things away from her brothers or sisters. As a result, Hannah couldn't help but kiss Alisa again and again in her arms. She sighed, "Alas. If Alice, Sheena and Clark can be as obedient and sensible as Alisa, I will be less worried! I don't know whose child she is, but she is so obedient and sensible! She is younger than Sheena and Clark, but she acts like a sister! "

"Yes!" Eating the fruit, Jane smiled "Alisa, tell me, why are you here? Where is your father? "

"I don't know! I was in the amusement park and my father went to buy me drinks. Then Uncle Brian came. He said my father had something to do and asked me to go back with him. So I came back! Where is my mommy? "

"Well... I'll call your mother and ask her to pick you up. "

"Hey, Jane, do you know this girl? Whose daughter is she? "

"Do you know the actor, Jason? We met the father and daughter when we were on vacation in Hawaii. Alisa accidentally stained my dress. His father insisted on washing my dress and sending it to me. I couldn't refuse him, so we met once. They left early the next morning, so we didn't meet each other again. I didn't

our women went into the room happily and began to wash their hands and cook dinner.

On the way back, the starlight gradually lit up and the atmosphere in the car was gradually depressing. Alisa looked timidly at the driver, daring not make a sound.

But at this moment, Albert was not in the mood to think about anything. Stella's words were like a bomb exploding in his head. At this moment, all in his mind were about the question of Stella. Alisa... Alisa, Alice and Sheena look so much like each other. Is there really any relationship between them?

His relationship with Yana ended three years ago and Alisa had been three years old. What was the relationship between them? Alisa... Could she be his daughter?

Was Alisa his daughter? Was she his daughter?

Now, his mind was totally occupied by the thought. All of a sudden, he raised his eyes to look at Alisa and said, "Alisa, I want to ask you for a favor, okay?"

Alisa nodded.

"If you're leaving, I'll miss you! Are you willing to part with me? "

Alisa shook her head and said, "I like Uncle Albert!"

"Then... Would you be willing to give me something as a gift? Of course, I'll give you a present as well! "

"Okay. What do you want?"

"Your hair... How about giving me some hair of you? "

Alisa put her hand on her hair and hesitated. She knew it hurt to pull her hair!

It seemed that Albert knew what Alisa was worried about. He smiled and said, "Don't worry. It won't hurt! I have the scissors. Just cut some for me. "

"But why do you want my hair?"

"I just like it!"

"All right." Alisa took the scissors, sliced a small lock of his hair and handed it to him. Albert reached out his hand and carefully put it into his pocket.

After sending the gift, Alisa innocently looked at Albert and asked, "Uncle, what about the gift you want to give me?"

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