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   Chapter 370 Alisa is Missing

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 9733

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Yana stood there, feeling a pang in her heart as she watched Albert stop in front of her parents' and her younger brother's tomb. Yes, they were more than just lovers. There was two lives between them-his eldest brother and her younger brother. Although these two people had died, it had become a gap between them, a gap that could never be crossed!

She silently turned around and left the place which made her feel extremely depressed. But she didn't know where to go. Yana drove aimlessly on the street. She did not know how long she had been driving. Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

Yana caught a glimpse of the caller ID. It was from Albert. Hesitating for a while, she finally pressed the answer key. Albert said from the other end of the phone, "Didn't you say that you wanted to talk to me? Now come to the Corner Cafe. Let's have a talk. "

"Okay! I'll be there soon. "

Yana hung up the phone and sighed. Then she made a turn and headed for the destination.

Albert sat near the window. When Yana parked the car, she looked up and saw him. His profile was so perfect under the sun. Yana was fascinated by it.

He turned around and noticed Yana who was staring at him from downstairs. Somehow, he seemed to feel the sadness of parting in her eyes.

He lifted the corner of his lips and waved at Yana. The latter regained her composure and smiled at him before trotting upstairs.

She sat down opposite to him politely. After a while, a waitress came to them. After she ordered a cup of tea for herself, she looked up at Albert and said, "I haven't noticed this place before. After all, I had been living a poor life for a long time. Although I have become an actress and my life was much better than before, but I have nothing to do with the celebrities. Right? "

"Didn't you say that you have something to tell me? What is it? "

"I did have something to tell you, but now... Nothing. But I think that you have lost your memory, so you must be very curious about what happened in the past. I just come to tell you what our relationship was in the past! "

"I can find out by myself! What you told me might not be the truth! Miss Yana, I think we might have been related in the past, but now we both have a new life. So... Don't ruin it. "

"Mr. Albert, you can rest assured. I will not appear in your life in the future, and I will not have you in my life! I didn't mean to come back. It was your brother, Brian, who set me up. I hope I can stay as far away from this place as I can. So if possible, please end our cooperation, but don't block me. I know how powerful your parents are. If I was forced out, my daughter and I could probably have nowhere to sleep. So, please let me go! "

Taking a sip of tea and thinking for a while, Albert replied, "Well, I can't promise you that. The new TV series had already been started, so changing the actors and actresses in a short ti

ithout a second thought, Yana rushed downstairs without even changing her clothes and drove directly to lux bar. As soon as she entered the bar, a message was sent, "Room 51!"

After closing the phone, Yana started to run towards room 51 without rest. As soon as she opened the door, the flowers flew up. Startled, Yana covered her face and took a step back, but accidentally hit a man.

Yana turned to look at the extremely handsome and cold face of Albert, and asked, "Why are you here? It's you who kidnapped Alisa, isn't it? "

"Alisa was kidnapped?"

"Stop pretending! If it's not you, why are you here?"

"Oh, my dear friends, why do you quarrel with each other as soon as you come here? Don't you want to see me? " Brian's teasing voice came. Both of them looked up at him at the same time. Brian asked, "Aren't you coming in? How long are you going to fight at the door? "

After hesitating for a while, Yana passed Albert and went inside. Brian smiled and said, "It seems that there's still no progress between you two! What a disappointment! Well, go in, don't wait behind the door as if you are a fossil. !"

Holding Yana's arm, Brian walked in and sat on the sofa. Then he said, "Yana, I'm glad that you're back and agree to cooperate with you to shoot the movie! I'm so moved! I'll propose a toast to you! "

Frowning, Yana looked at them and said, "Mr. Brian and Mr. Albert, I'm not here to play with you! I'm here for my daughter! I want to know where my daughter is now? I want to know who kidnapped her! Please stop teasing me! Do you know how anxious a mother can be when she can't find her child? Please, could you please give me my daughter? "

"Not now! But you have to believe that your daughter is safe! I'll tell you after we play a little game! "

"Aha... That's so ridiculous! " Yana was almost mad with anger. "I'm in no mood to play games with you! Can you be more mature? Tell me where is Alisa? "

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