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   Chapter 369 New Clue

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Albert let out a sigh of disappointment and casually turned off the page. However, he accidentally touched another link and a music page appeared. He clicked it open and there was some soft music coming from it. It might be the only song that Brian had sung since he started his career!! He knew that Brian seldom sang!

Albert carefully listened to the song. It was a sad and beautiful one and the melody was also beautiful. All of a sudden, he felt this song somehow familiar, as if something he had experienced.

He frowned and took a quick look at the brief introduction below. It was written by a boy named Joe. Joe? Joe? The name sounded familiar to him? Joe? According to Brian's character, if the little guy, Joe, wasn't a famous writer, how could he listen to his songs? But he seemed to have never heard of Joe. Why would Brian choose this song as the only one?

All of a sudden, he had great interest in this person called 'Joe'. Albert quickly typed in the name "Joe". However, there were so many people whose name was Joe in the world. And many people used it as a pseudonym. How could he find out that?

He was confused and looked through the website when a photo suddenly appeared in his sight.

He clicked on the photo quickly. The person in the photo was a teenager. Although he was still young, he was a literary talent. It was a handsome boy. Below it was a short introduction of the boy, "Joe, the lyricist, a writer. His autobiography was published after his death, telling about his and his sister's stoic and strong life."

This boy... Died?

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his head. This young man called Joe died so early? He was only a teenager! Why did he die all of a sudden?

His heart sank to the bottom. Leaning against the sofa, Albert closed his eyes in pain.

Early the next morning, when he was about to go to work, he saw that Yana and her daughter were outside as well. After a short pause, Albert pressed the button and walked into the elevator without saying anything. Yana bit her lips and drew Alisa into the elevator too.

The atmosphere in the elevator was weird. Albert was on the far left, and Yana was on the right. Alisa was taking her mother's hand, standing between them. Seeming to feel weird atmosphere, Alisa looked at her mother and then looked at Albert. Finally, she reached out and held the big hand of Albert.

As if being touched, Albert felt shocked. Dumbfounded, he lowered his head to look at Alisa, without saying a word.

Alisa raised her head, blinked her big eyes and asked, "Uncle, are you going to work?"

Albert smiled and said, "Yes, I have to go to work. Are you going to visit your father today? "

"Yes, daddy said he wanted to play with me and Mommy has to work!"

"You can have a good time with you

ening, Yana also drove towards the cemetery.

With a bunch of flowers in his arms, Albert stood in front of the Joe's gravestone. The boy in the photo was exactly the one he had found last night. Joe, only a 15-year-old boy, so handsome and elegant, so unrestrained and free, but only 15 years of short suffering life, died of heart disease...

Heart disease? What a familiar disease! In his family, his eldest brother, Davis Cheng, also had heart disease? Davis died three years ago. Joe happened to die three years ago, just a few months earlier than his brother.

He then noticed the words at the bottom of the tombstone, which said, 'The person who built the tombstone-elder sister Yana.'

Joe was Yana's younger brother. Brian had sung the song written by Joe three years ago, so they knew each other three years ago. They should be in good relationship, otherwise, Brian wouldn't sing this song personally. Yana admitted that they had been a couple three years ago. What was going on? He couldn't figure it out!

However, since he had found a breakthrough, those dust laden past would come to light again sooner or later. Whatever he wanted to know, he would find it one day!

Albert bent over and put the bouquet in front of Joe's gravestone. After squatting down and looking at it for a while, he found a new gravestone on the other side. The person who built the monument was also Yana!

It was Yana's parents' grave. According to the date, their parents had passed away when Yana was six. It turned out that she had supported her younger brother's life all these years.

It seemed that everything could be connected in series, but he couldn't remember many of them. As Albert looked at the photos on the tombstone, he felt his head aching and unbearable! In the past three years, this kind of pain had tortured him many times, but never stopped.

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