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   Chapter 368 I Will Find Out the Truth

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 6172

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Silence was the answer. Jason knew it was right. But then something occurred to him. He turned to Yana and asked seriously, "So you've been dumped by him, haven't you? How could he abandon his own daughter? How could there be such a shameless man in this world? Now that you are back, does he want to go after you at any time? "

"It's not that he abandoned me. It's that I don't want him anymore. The reason why I didn't want to come back is not because of him, but because I made a mistake and I felt ashamed to come back. I don't hate him, but regret. So please don't slander him, okay? "

"I slander him..." Jason felt like he had heard the funniest joke in the world. He had cared about her, but in Yana's eyes, he had slandered him. Wasn't that the funniest joke? "Okay, I won't slander him! Tell me, what are you going to do? Give Alisa to that man to make up for the lost fatherly love for so many years? Or are you planning to be together again, get married, and start a seemingly harmonious family? "

"I have never thought of that. As for Albert, I think we will never be together again in this life. But I don't want our child to have no father and have no idea of who his father is. When I leave A Country, I will tell Alisa that this man is her biological father. In this way, Alisa can live her life with his involvement, so that she won't have any regrets. He has forgotten me, and he has a fiancee. He is going to start a new life. Since he has forgotten me, he should completely forget me. I won't disturb his life. "

Jason sighed, "Now that you have decided to draw a clear line with him, there is no need to tangle with him anymore. Don't continue to act in this movie. Even if you can't work in the entertainment industry in the future, it doesn't matter. I will support you, and Alisa! "

Yana was moved by his words. S

are a couple, why don't you stay here tonight but leave?"

"Because..." Jason's face blushed and he snapped back, "It's none of your business? Distance produces beauty! There is only one sentence for you. Keep away from Yana! I mean that! " Jason shook his hair and left the elevator angrily.

Albert turned around and took a look at the door behind him. Then he smiled unexpectedly and walked into his room.

Sitting on the couch, Albert looked at the computer screen with his fingers crossed. There was the latest email from John, all about Yana's past. But it had been about the past three years. There was nothing before that as if she had come from nowhere!

'No, as long as the person lives in C City, as long as he lives here, he can always find some clues, which will not be cleaned so thoroughly!' By the way, maybe he could find something from Brian? Yana was an actor and Brian was an actor as well. This time, she was recommended by Brian. There must be many opportunities for them to know each other before, otherwise they wouldn't be so familiar with each other! 'Yes, I will find out the truth!'

Albert searched all the information about Brian quickly, but he didn't find any information related to Yana.

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