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   Chapter 367 Has She Been Married

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 6025

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:25

Looking at the attentive and considerate look on his face, Yana's eyes became moist. Suddenly, she asked, "Mr. Albert, do you treat all women in this way?"

"What?" After a short pause, he caught sight of what he was doing, which took him by great surprise. Yeah, when did he do such a thing for another woman? He had never been so intimate to his fiancee, had he? He was cold to others, but why did he have a feeling of pity for this woman?

He raised his head to look at Yana's red eyes. Somehow, he was at a loss.

Yana silently drew her feet back, took a deep breath and managed to hold back her tears. Then she said, "I'm fine now. I can go back on my own! Where is Alisa? I'll take her back. " Then she limped towards the bedroom.

Alisa was lying on the big bed of Albert, sleeping soundly. It seemed that Alisa was very fond of being with Albert during the day, or else she wouldn't have slept so tight.

Standing at the bedside and looking at Alisa's sleeping face for a while, Yana finally sighed and bent over to pick up her. 'From this moment on, your beautiful dream has come to an end. But Alisa, you have to remember that you have dad. Dad loves you very much. Although you can't call him dad all your life, and he won't know that you are his daughter. But you still have a beautiful day and beautiful memories, don't you? If someone asks you about it in the future, you can tell him or her that Papa loves you very much.'

She turned around, holding Alisa tightly in her arms. All of a sudden, a pair of strong arms encircled her waist and carried her in his arms. Startled, Yana took a short breath and held her daughter tightly. The moment she raised her head, she found that Albert was just calmly walking out with her and her daughter in his arms.

"What do you want to

Yana was gently covering the quilt for Alisa. Looking at Yana's gentle side face, Jason says, "Why did you leave Alisa to someone you don't know for a day? You had been hostile to that man. Why do you change so quickly? I'm really confused! What's your relationship with that man? "

After Yana tucked Alisa in the quilt, she turned around and walked out quietly. Closing the door lightly, she went straight to the kitchen without answering Jason's question.

Jason followed her and asked, "Why didn't you come back? For Alisa's father? You didn't go to the filming site today, but you borrowed my car and wandered around. You were following Alisa and that man, weren't you? "

Yana got a glass of milk and ate the bread, turning a deaf ear to what Jason said.

"You've been acting strange since the first time you saw that man. I'm still wondering why..." Jason suddenly widened his eyes, standing in front of Yana and said, "Is she Alisa's father?"

The chewing stopped all of a sudden. Just in an instant, Yana began to eat again. But obviously, she found it more difficult to eat and swallow.

Jason took a deep breath and added, "Really? Is this man really Alisa's biological father? "

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