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   Chapter 365 The Strange CEO

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Alisa looked at Yana and then turned to look at Yana. She nodded to Yana and let go of her hand. "Mom, I'll be with Uncle Albert. You can go to work! I won't cause uncle any trouble. I'll just stay in uncle's office! "

Caressing Alisa's little head with a smile, Albert said, "Alisa is very nice, obedient and polite. I trust her very much! You can just go to work! " Holding Alisa's little hand, he led her into the elevator. Standing there, Yana looked at Albert who was holding Alisa's hand tenderly. She couldn't help but feel a sour nose and almost shed tears.

They got out of the elevator together. Standing in front of Albert's car, Yana waved at Alisa. Albert was driving away. After watching the car disappear from view, Yana heaved a sigh of relief. She turned around, got into her car and drove towards the film set.

In fact, Yana didn't have much work to do on the film set today, but her appearance caused a sensation. Many reporters came to interview her, so she made an exclusive interview during her free time. In the TV, she was graceful and always appeared in the most elegant manner, friendly but not low-key.

"Miss Yana, why did you come back to shoot this domestic history TV series?"

"First of all, I am A Country's citizen. Although I have a certain international status, but my root will always be in A Country! No matter how far I go or how high I fly, this place will always be the closest place for me! In addition, I have started my career three years ago, mostly I have spent most of my time abroad filming. I haven't had a chance to come back. This time, I can go back to the motherland and shoot such a meaningful TV play with such an outstanding team. I feel very honored! "

"But it was said that you refused to sign Golden Corporation before. Then why did you sign it later?"

"I think it must be a rumor! We have a deal before I came back from abroad. And Brian can prove it! That's why I could have a chance to go back to A Country to shoot TV series! So it's just rumors that my relationship with the Golden Corporation is not very good, and even the news of refusing to sign the Golden Corporation are all rumors! "

"But now it is said on the Internet that you cried out of Golden Corporation. Are your tears fake too?"

Yana didn't expect the reporters to be such a persistent one. "Yes, I cried at that time. But I didn't cry because of the conflict between Golden Corporation and me! How could a successful woman like me cry for the failure of signing a contract? What's more, we have signed the contract smoothly! I shed tears because of another reason. Anyway, it's not what you think. "

"Then what exactly was it that made you cry so sadly?"

Yana pressed her lips and glared at the reporter unhappily. But she held back her anger and said,

"Alisa, are you hungry? Let's go to eat some delicious food! "

"Really? Okay! " Alisa clapped her hands. Then he picked her up and walked out quickly.

The secretaries couldn't help but widen their eyes when they saw Albert go out with a little girl in his arms happily. They felt very strange when they saw Albert bringing the girl to work this morning, and now they were even more surprised when they saw Albert talking and laughing to the girl. As soon as Albert walked into the elevator, the secretarial room behind him was in an uproar.

"Do you know who the little girl is? I think she must be the CEO's illegitimate daughter! " One of the secretaries chirped, "You can imagine, our CEO is such a serious person at ordinary times, now he even smiles at a little girl!! And she is a girl who has nothing to do with the CEO. Isn't it strange? The little girl looks like our boss very much! Especially the Phoenix eyes. Have you seen them? "

"Oh, you are right! Is she really Mr. Albert's illegitimate daughter? But I didn't hear any gossips about our CEO! Didn't Mr. Albert have a fiancee? They were on good terms. It was impossible for Albert to have an illegitimate daughter. Moreover, the Cheng Family was such a powerful family. If there was really an illegitimate daughter, shouldn't they take her back? Why is she still outside? "

"Maybe our president likes the mother so much that he won't let the daughter leave her mother!"

"If the CEO loves her mother, shouldn't he cancel his engagement with his fiancee and marry her? So I guess this little girl might be the child of Mr. Albert's brothers! "

"But why does she look so much like our CEO?"

"Well... I don't know... "

"What are you all talking about here? Don't you need to go to work? " Miss Cherry walked into the room and glanced around. Everyone sat down immediately and began to work.,

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