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   Chapter 364 Take Care Of Alisa

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Seeing that Yana was staring at him in shock, he sneered in his heart. The woman who didn't even know how to lie was dressed up in front of him. "Although I can't remember anything now, I believe that I will remember it one day! So Yana, don't think about leaving in the following days. You'll only make me more interested in you, and more importantly, I'll find out more about this as well. Only in this way, will I follow you more closely. Do you want me to pester you for a lifetime, or do you want me to investigate for two months? No matter what I find, I will let you go! "

"Do you think I can trust any words from Cheng family? "

"You can trust me! "

"You are the only person from Cheng family that I couldn't believe! " Yana rolled her eyes at him and was about to leave when she stopped at the door. "Remember what you said. This will be the last time I trust you! I don't care if you remember me or not two months later, I will never see you again. " After that, she turned around, opened the door and walked out.

Looking at Yana's figure, Albert was lost in thought. He had a strong feeling that something was wrong. However, the information about Yana on the Internet didn't seem to have anything to do with him. There wasn't any information on the Internet before Yana went to Country B. But the more he couldn't find it out, the more suspicious it was!

The news that Yana joined Golden Corporation was widely spread. She had an agreement to act a play with Golden Corporation. After the play was finished, she would leave and never come back again. The media focused a lot of attention on the TV series that was acted by Yana. The TV series was composed by a well-known international scriptwriter, hired with huge cost. It was a long history manual named "A Biography Of Anni".

A Biography Of Anni is a long article, which has great potential. In addition, it is a large play for women. If the leading role can be played by Yana, with her aura and acting skills, she can surely win this play! It was Brian who offered to act this play to be with Yana as a foil! At the opening ceremony, Brian was late. He sat beside Yana and said with a smile, "You see how much I've sacrificed for you! I was planning to give up my acting career, but I starts to act again because of you! How are you going to thank me? "

Yana turned to look at Brian, eyes cold. "Thank you? I do need to thank you! You tried your best to help me and I will pay you back someday! "

Looking at Yana's grim face, Brian suddenly felt a gust of cold wind blowing from his back. He couldn't help but shiver.

In the afternoon, Yana, Brian and other big shots were shooting the poster. The story was based on the chaos. Princess of the Qi Kingdom, Anni Chu had personally experienced the pain of her family breaking up and becoming captured. When she saw the destruction of the state, her parents and other members all became slaves and were cruelly killed by people of the Zhou kingdom. There was a deep hatred buried in her little heart. The concubines of the Zhou Kingdom hated the empress' power, but they endured humiliation and weight. They secretly took Anni Chu as their own, and cultivated her into a sharp chess piece. Her hindrances was removed in the deep imperial household, and she eventually became the empress. But she also had a huge trouble, that was, the son of the ex-empress was still the crown prince, who would never be dismissed on the order of an emperor! Anni Chu turned into a beautiful sing girl to seduce the crown prince, but unexpectedly, she was liked and protected by the empress' younger son, and the empress' another son warned her secretly not to approach her younger brother. How could she accept the temptation of recovering a lost country of the crown prince, the cruelty of the fifth prince and the love of the sixth prince?

The poster seemed to have a heavy atmosphere. Such a huge publicity stunt was stunning. Moreover, all of the actors and actresses were first-line actors or actresses. Only the Cheng family had the strength to make such a huge investment.

She had been working on the poster for the whole day. Then she came back to the apartment. Exhausted, she collapsed onto the sofa. All of a sudden, a sound of leather shoes hitting on the floor drew her attention. Realizing that there was a little kid in her house, she stood up in a hurry, looked at Alisa and smiled, "Are you hungry? I'll cook for you right now! "

"Mom, I've already had dinner! It's from the handsome uncle next door. He specially asked me to have it! He told me that my mom might come back very late today and asked me not to wait any longer! Uncle also asked me to bring back one for Mommy! Mom, do you wa

rt had said. Maybe it was true. She couldn't ignore Alisa just because she wanted to earn money. She was still a child at the age when she needed her parents' care, but she had to run here and there with her to suffer a lot... How could she be a mother?

Looking at her daughter's lovely little face, she suddenly came up with a bold decision, which might be the best decision for Alisa!

Early the next morning, Yana had to go to the set again. The filming had been finished, so they began to recall the beginning of the day when they were still young. After the actors and actresses had gone to the set, Yana didn't have much work to do today, but somehow she just wanted to go to the set today.

She made a not rich breakfast and fed Alisa. After changing her clothes, they went out hand in hand. Seeing that her mother was about to lock the door, Alisa asked, "Mommy, are we still going to watch you shoot TV today? "

"Of course not! My mom doesn't allow you to go with me today! I don't know how long I will stay there. If you're sleepy, you can only sleep in the car. It breaks my heart to see you suffer! "

"So mom will take me to the nurse's? "

She didn't know when Alisa became less afraid of the nurse but accepted it with a very positive attitude. A lump came into her throat as she squatted down. She looked at Alisa and said, "You don't like to be taken to the nurse's. I know it. So I won't take you to the nurse's from now on! Mommy will make you happy every day. Even if Mommy is not with you, you can also live with someone you like! "

"What? Is that from Uncle Jason? "

"No, I didn't mean that... " Before she finished her words, the door of the next room opened behind her. It was Albert. Wearing a handsome suit, he walked out. He saw the mother and daughter squatting at the door and didn't know what they were talking about. He frowned. He looked at Alisa with a smile and said, "Alisa, are you going to accompany your mother to the filming set to film today? "

"No, mom told me that she wanted me to have a good day today, and there was a person I like accompanying me! "

"Really? " He looked up at Yana. Yana straightened up and nodded, "Yes, the child is still young. It's not safe to have her on the filming set with me! The environment on the set was so harsh that it wasn't nice for kids. I worked too late on the set last night, and she just slept in my car... I'm a little worried about my daughter today, Mr. Albert. But I don't know if your proposal works today! "

"Are you going to let me take care of Alisa? "He asked in surprise.

Yana nodded, "I think Mr. Albert's place is the safest place to stay! And Alisa also likes to be with you. These days, she always tells me how good you are. Besides, I have seen how you take care of Alisa. I believe you will be very good to her! If what you said is still effective, then I'll thank you very much. If it's useless now, then I'm sorry to bother you... "

"Of course my words count! Alisa and I are meant to be together. I will take care of her! "

"Thank you very much! " Yana looked at Alisa and said, "Alisa, go and stay with Uncle Albert, okay? "

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