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   Chapter 363 Yana Became Albert's Neighbor

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However, Albert grabbed her hand and waved to all the people behind him to leave. There were only the two of them left in the lounge. Someone even closed the door when left. Looking at the closed door, Yana gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Mr. Albert, I said I don't want to sign the contract with your company. Before signing the contract, I am not your employee. Do you have the right and reason not to let me go? I can sue you for illegal imprisonment! "

"Illegal imprisonment? This charge seemed too serious! I only have a few words to say to you. It's not an imprisonment! The gate is over there. You can leave if you want. I won't stop you, but you have to figure out the price that you have to pay for going out! "

"The price?" Yana was amused. "I'm curious about the price I'll have to pay! I didn't sign a contract with you. I don't break the contract. And it won't have any negative impact on you, right? "

"Can you go out and have a try! There are so many media outside. Although we haven't signed the contract, and you are not responsible for anything, you know how much impact it will have on our family, don't you? Do you think you can go on your career? "

Yana turned around and looked at him with a cold smile. "Now that I have the guts to come back, nothing is out of my expectation! I am not planning to continue my acting career, if not... " She swallowed the name and skipped over, "If no one forced me to come back, do you think I would? So Mr. Albert, you can't just randomly associate your feelings with others! "

"Really? But I began to wonder why you didn't dare to come back. Why did you come back after being forced by others! Yana, you seem to be afraid of me. What happened between us? "

"Mr. Albert, I think you are seriously ill. You should be treated in the hospital, especially the brain! People always say that the rich always get narcissistic. In my opinion, your narcissism can't be cured! What would happen between us? Do you think that you had ever been with a woman who was so poor that she could almost become a beggar by the roadside? Besides, don't feel curious about a woman you are not familiar with, because... Curiosity would kill people! I heard that you have a fiancee and you should not do such things that were despised! I will hate you very much! Any woman will like men who are loyal to their wives. So do I! "

"You even know I'm engaged? Miss Yana, you seem to pay more attention to me!"

"I'm not interested in you. I'm only interested in cooperation! But because of you, I also lost interest in cooperating with you! I won't cooperate with you, so you can do whatever you want! "

"Yana, what if I suddenly become interested in you?" Albert stepped closer to her and forced her to step back. "You know so many things about me, but you always play a trick and don't want to sign me... Miss Yana, I've seen many women who had ulterior motives. You're the only one who really interested me! Because your means are completely different from others! How about being my mistress? "

His words ignited the flames of fury in Yana's heart. She hit him hard in the chest and shouted, "You bastard! How could you say such words to me? Well, it's not the first time you let someone else be your mistress. You should be able to adapt it! But I'm really sorry. You're wrong. I'm not the kind of person you want to find! And please remember that you have a fiancee to get married. Don't say something like that again! Not only me, but also your fiancee will be hurt! You will become a despised scum! " After that, she gave him a hard push, opened the door and went out.

As soon as the outside reporters saw her coming out, they hurriedly took the camera and began to take photos of her. Yana hurriedly raised her handbag to block her face. She didn't want her embarrassment and vulnerability to be photographed by others.

The next day, while Albert was sitting in his office and reading the newspaper in front of him, which was printed with the information that the international superstar, Yana, refused to sign the Golden Corporation and left the lounge with tears in her eyes. What on earth had happened? While Albert was reading the news, he could see the Yana's face on the newspaper. Though not very clear, he could still feel her fragility and sorrow.

She cried? 'Why was she crying?' He thought, 'She said she didn't need to sign the contract. Why did she cry?' Or did she cry because she was humiliated by what he said? But there were all kinds of people in the enterta

to think about the relationship between them. What happened to her? Why was she so afraid of him?

It was not until he stood on the balcony for a long time that he opened the computer to look for information about Yana.

After that, Yana hurriedly ran into the room and closed the windows. After placing Alisa on the sofa, she took out her phone and called Brian. As soon as Brian answered the phone, she shouted, "Brian, what are you thinking? You lied to me and made me sign the contract with the new company which was set up by Albert. Fortunately, I found it out so early and didn't sign it! What the hell was going on? Why did you give me the key to his house? What on earth do you want to do? "

"Hey, there are so many people calling me today! What about? How are you getting along with Albert? I know that he has done something wrong to you, but you should forgive him. Don't take it to heart! By the way, didn't Albert doubt that child? "

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing! Albert looks smart usually, but why is he weak now? " Brian couldn't help but give a sigh for Albert's failure at the critical moment. He thought, 'I have helped you a lot, but you are still so foolish to not find out anything!' "That's enough. I won't say anything about your relationship. Don't worry! I just hope that you get along well with each other! I'm hanging up. Call me if anything happens! I look forward to working with you! "

Brian hung up the phone in a hurry. Looking at the black phone, Yana was so furious that she wanted to scold him! She threw her cellphone onto the bed. She took a look at Alisa and said, "Alisa, you stay at home to watch TV for a while. I will go out and come back soon!"

"Okay, Mommy. Don't worry!"

After getting changed, Yana didn't go to any other place, but Albert's house. She stood at the door for a long time, but finally plucked up the courage to knock. Albert opened the door and saw Yana. Surprisingly, he said, "I'm surprised that you would come for me."

"May I come in? Let's go in and have a talk! "

Albert nodded and let her in. They sat on the sofa. Albert asked, "Would you like something to drink?"

"No, don't waste time. I'll go straight to the point! Mr. Albert, I think you have already noticed my abnormality in you, so I don't want to hide anything from you. We know each other, and we have a deep grudge against each other. I hate you, and you hate me too. We are not lovers as you have imagined, so you don't have to worry that I will be in love with you when I come back. I didn't want to come back, but I had no choice! I don't know what will happen after I come back, but I have prepared for the worst! You've lost all your memory anyway. It's the best choice that you can't remember. And I don't love or hate you any more. We're just friends, aren't we? We're just friends. "

"Really? But what I heard is completely different from what you said. " Albert looked straight into Yana's eyes, which made her heart almost jump out of her throat. Did he know anything?

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