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   Chapter 359 Meet Again

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All of a sudden, Albert frowned and put his lips on Alisa's forehead, feeling the temperature of her body with a little uneasiness. Finally, he sat up quickly, put on his coat and held Alisa in his arms, then walked outside.

It didn't take him long to arrive at the gate of the People's Hospital of C City. He took Alisa off the car and went directly to the best ward. As soon as he made a phone call, the doctor came. He observed Alisa carefully and said, "She has a fever!"

"Of course I know she has a fever. The most important thing right now is to bring the fever down, not to say something useless here!" He gave the doctor a cold look, which frightened him almost to wet his pants! The arrogant and domineering Mr. Albert who had been as cold as ice three years ago appeared again.

Not daring to be careless, the doctor quickly prescribed some medicine for Alisa. Standing by Alisa's sickbed and looking at her red face due to the fever, he could not help but feel sorry for her. However, he heard Alisa whispering in a low voice, "Mom... Mom... "

'Sure enough, no one could replace her mother in this world!' he thought. He shook his head with a wry smile. The nurse had already wheeled the trolley over. When she saw Albert standing by the side, her eyes were shining with excitement, but she didn't dare to forget her work. Thus, she gave her an injection while peeping at him. As a result, the needle didn't tie well...

"Uh..." Alisa groaned painfully in her sleep.

Albert stepped forward and pushed the nurse away. He said angrily, "Do you know how to take the injection? Get out! "

The nurse was also frightened by the aura of murderous intent given off by him, so she ran away in a hurry. When he saw that there was a pinhole on the back of Alisa's hand, he was a little distressed and kissed the back of her hand. Then he made a phone call to the doctor and said, "Don't infuse or give injection. Make the physiotherapy!" After hanging up the phone, Albert looked at her beautiful face and suddenly felt a little confused. Then he laughed and shook his head, wondering why he would suddenly have such a strange feeling for a little girl whom he was not familiar with? He wasn't a considerate person, neither was the one who would offer his help without a condition. But his heart softened when he faced this little girl. She was so cute...

He stayed in the hospital for more than two hours and changed ice towels every five minutes for Alisa to put on her forehead. He didn't feel relieved until Alisa's fever was completely gone.

He saw that Alisa had opened her eyes and looked confused, she called out, "Mommy." But when she opened her eyes again, she didn't see her mother. Looking at her sad face, Albert couldn't help but sigh and smile, "Are you hungry? How about I buy you something delicious? "


He stroked Alisa's little head gently. Then he turned around and left. When he walked out of the corridor, he gave John a call, asking him to buy some food that children liked to eat and sent it to the hospital. After hanging up the phone, he returned to the ward. Seeing Alisa's expectant eyes, he smiled and said, "Take your time. The food will be here soon! Hang in there first! "

"Uncle, are you a superman?"

He was taken aback by Alisa's sudden and unreasonable words, and then he asked, "Why do you say that? Do you think I look like a superman? "

"Mom said Superman will help others! He appears when people in danger! Uncle, you appeared at my most dangerous moment. You must be a superman! "

"Oh, you call me superman, so I'm Superman! But I'm not like a superman who can fly. I'm very strong! Little girl, don't dream about it! "

"Uncle, can I marry you when I grow up?"

The words took him by surprise again. Looking at the adorable girl in front of him, he couldn't help smiling. "Sure! As long as you don't mind that I am an old ugly man when you grow up, you can marry me! But I can just marry you on condition that I'm not married. "

"Then you should wait for me. Don't get married. You must wait for me when I grow up and marry me!"

He touched Alisa's little head with a smile, nodded and said, "Okay, if I can wait until you grow up, I will definitely wait! But the most important thing for you now is to grow up as soon as possible. If you spend the rest of your life like this, then I can't marry you, because you are just a beautiful girl, not a beautiful woman! I like beautiful women! "

"Beautiful woman? A beauty like mom? "

The honesty in Alisa's eyes proved that she was really her mother's loyal protector! Having no heart to break Alisa's dream, he nodded and said, "Yes! A beauty like mother! "

While they were talking, John had already bought a lot of food and brought them to the ward. Holding the bags in his hands, Albert walked to Alisa and said, "Have some food. You can take a rest afte

marry me! Uncle said he liked beautiful women, just like mommy. So he told me to eat well and sleep well to become a beautiful woman like Mommy! "

"What? But you can't marry that uncle! "

"Why not?"

"Because..." All of a sudden, Yana didn't know what to say. So she had no choice but to say, "Because he's nearly thirty years old. When you grow up, he's about fifty or sixty years old. He'll not be handsome at all! And you will meet a better man. Maybe he will fall in love with someone else. "

"No way! Uncle is the best. I'm going to grow up and marry Uncle Albert!" After saying that, Alisa looked at her mother and said, "Mommy doesn't like it, I can refuse it. I'll listen to you!"

"Good girl..." A bright smile spread over Yana's face as she looked outside the window. She was suddenly enlightened...

In the afternoon, Jason drove to the hospital to pick them up. Jason show up at the gate of the hospital, he leaned against the car handsomely, waiting for them to come out. As soon as Alisa saw Jason, she shouted, "Uncle Jason!"

Jason opened his arms and embraced Alisa. Kissing her, he said, "Alisa, why are you in hospital as soon as you get back to A Country? Are you feeling better? "

"All right, all right! Thanks to that cute uncle! "

"Uncle? That cute uncle? " Jason looked at Yana a little surprised, and then he asked Alisa, "Do you think he is more handsome than me? "


"Huh!" Seeing that Alisa nodded without hesitation, Jason felt funny and said, "Hey! He bought you off in just one night. But I have raised you for three years! How ungrateful you are! "

"Let's get on the car and go home!" After Yana took Jason out of Jason's arms, she turned around and got into the car. At the same time, Jason started the engine and drove towards the hotel.

There were a lot of reporters waiting outside the hotel. Jason got off the car with Alisa in his arms and took the lead in the elevator. He waited for about twenty minutes before Yana followed them. Alisa was asleep when she came in. She looked still a little weak. After a glance at Alisa, Yana poured herself a glass of water. Standing on the balcony, she seemed absent-minded.

Jason suddenly appeared behind her and said, "You are in a daze again. What's up? What happened? "

"I saw him..."

Frowning, Jason said, "How could it be so soon? Haven't we already tried to avoid it? "

"Yes, I have tried my best to prevent it from happening. But it was still impossible! Since Alisa was missing, he had taken care of her for a whole night when she was in hospital. He was still there when I came to the hospital today. "

"So you met each other?" Asked Jason, a little nervous.

Yana nodded, but then smiled bitterly. "He doesn't even remember who I am! I seemed to have forgotten that he has lost his memory. He is not pretending, but really lost his memory. He has lost all his past memories, so he doesn't know who I am at all. But that's good. At least I don't have to hide from him anymore... "

"Then why are you still so sad? Didn't you say you had let it go? "

"Yes! However... But when I saw him take care of Alisa so carefully... He has never been a warm-hearted person. If they are not related by blood, he would not have been so good! "

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