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   Chapter 357 The Feeling Of Heartache

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7762

Updated: 2020-03-08 00:35

357 three years later... You have to thank me

It seemed that the whole C City became quiet overnight, and all the uneasiness and irritability were frozen at this moment. Looking out of the window at the endless cold and darkness, Albert could not remember the past and was worried about the future

Three years later——

As a member of the most prosperous enterprise in C City, Ricky International owned the world over thirty years. Albert was sitting in the top-notch office on the top floor, he was dealing with the files piled up on the desk meticulously. Though he was capable, he was still unable to handle so much work. He put down the pen and rubbed his forehead to relieve his pain. Suddenly, the phone on the desk rang.

Picking up the phone on the desk, he found it was from Brian. With a headache, he answered the phone, "Hello..."

"Albert, you must thank me in person this time!"

"Thank you? Thank you for giving me so much extra work? Now that I've promised to transfer the work about Expected Film Company to you, I won't do anything about it anymore! Now you just sent a plan back and I had to deal with the mess! If you want it, do it yourself! "

"Albert, don't talk too early! I'm looking forward to seeing you startled. " On the other side of the phone, Brian said deliberately, "Albert, as for Yvonne Chen... Are you really going to marry her? "

All of a sudden, Brian changed the topic, which made Albert become silent. "Anyway, it's not bad! He felt empty but he couldn't recall the past. "I can't recall the past anyway, and I don't have any expectations in the future. Perhaps this is my destiny! "

"You have always been supercilious, proud and confident, Mr. Albert. I don't expect one day, you will become such a coward, destined to be ordinary, believe in fate, and dare not to fight with anyone? This is really not the man I know! If you can't remember, why don't you look for clues yourself and then remember? Or you just don't care what happened in the past at all? "

"I know I'm a useless man. I don't need to guess. Otherwise, why can't I find any clue about it? Well, let's drop it. Right now, I have a lot of documents on my desk about opening a new film and television company to review, I'm too busy to spend time with you. Have a good time with my sister-in-law! "

al. After the treatment, he learned that the girl wasn't hurt. She had suffered minor heart disease and passed out because of excessive fright. He was relieved to hear that, but he still kept her company and took care of her until she woke up.

He didn't know why, but the moment he saw the girl's clear eyes, his heart suddenly slowed down a little, and he suddenly felt that the eyes were so familiar, just like... Just like the pair of eyes that he had been looking for all these days! That pair of eyes that gave him countless inspirations when he was still lying in the hospital bed and didn't know if he would be rescued, only for a moment, he fell in love with her and became a little crazy...

"Phew!" Seeing that figure completely disappear in front of him, Albert turned around and walked out.

However, no matter how obsessed and crazy he was. When he regained his sanity and found that the eyes were not the ones he had been looking for, he realized that he had made a huge mistake, an irreparable mistake. He had no right to hurt an innocent person.

'Now that you have forgotten the past, why can't you just keep following the present road? Why do I keep thinking as I can't see the past and future? I promised not to recall and let it go, but why do I always unconsciously think about it? Why do I suddenly have a feeling of...? Heartache?'

Albert quickly got on the car and locked the door. He leaned on the steering wheel with heartache until he gradually calmed himself down and became the man hiding in the dark again!

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