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   Chapter 352 Jane Has Dinner In Cheng Family

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 8157

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This evening's family dinner was a little different because of the presence of Jane. Everyone could see that Stella became silent because of the appearance of Jane, but what everyone could perceive was that only the party involved did not know at all.

Brian enthusiastically picked up food for Jane and said, "Eat more! Every time I eat with you, I feel like you are a kitten! Look at your little body! See me? The strong and powerful muscles are all provided by my mother's essence food! "

"Poof, poof, poof, poof..." Hannah couldn't help coughing, strong and powerful muscles? Have the girls seen it?

"Cough!" Stella coughed and continued to eat. As soon as Jacob saw his wife get angry, he hurriedly said, "Don't speak while eating and sleeping!"

Brian, who was about to pick up food, was petrified in an instant. When did his family become a feudal society? Don't talk while eating? Why didn't he know when the rules were set? But dad had said that, I'd better... Don't touch dad's bottom line! Brian silently picked up the dishes and handed them to Jane's bowl. He stuck out his tongue at Jane playfully. With a smile in Jane's eyes, the picture of the two people looking at each other and smiling at each other at that moment was like a painting.

After dinner, Stella said with a smile, "It's late. Brian, send Miss Jane back. After all, she is a girl. It's not good to go home too late! "

"Well, mom and dad, uncle and auntie, then I'll send Jane back!" Brian smiled and held Jane's hand. Jane stood up and saluted them, saying, "Uncle and auntie, I'll go first, and I'll visit you later if I have the chance!"

Then she obediently go out with Brian hand in hand. Brian drove Jane away. Sitting in the car, Jane breathed a sigh of relief. Turning to look at Brian who was driving carefully, she bit her lips and said, "Brian, your parents don't seem to like me very much! I always feel that when I see them again this time, the atmosphere in your family is a little different! "

"Is there any difference?" Brian nodded a little later and said, "It is indeed a little different! But since my eldest brother passed away, my family has never really been happy! Alas, big brother, Albert, is the key object of our family. All of a sudden, two key objects are in trouble. It's strange to be happy! In particular, my mother loves my big brother the most. When my brother died, my mother was sad most. My father d

Brian thought the atmosphere seemed strange, but he still walked over and said, "Mom, what's the matter? Do you have to wait for me to come back so late? "

"If it doesn't matter, why don't we go to bed so late and wait for you?" Stella gave him a white look and saw Brian sitting beside her. Then she said, "What's the relationship between you and Miss Jane?"


"But why have I heard a lot about your relationship recently? What else can't you say to me, Brian? To be honest, are you in love with Miss Jane? "

"No way! But I did say to others that she was my girlfriend! But I didn't really plan to make her my real girlfriend. I just saw that she was too pitiful to be forced by her father to marry those old and ugly men, so I said that she was my girlfriend! In fact, we can only be regarded as good friends! "

"Since you are not boyfriend and girlfriend, mom will tell you the truth! Don't contact with Miss Jane anymore! You need to know who you are! You are the third young master of the Cheng Family, and you are also a star. There are so many pairs of eyes outside! And many people want to use you to get something. Don't be too simple. You will be fooled! "

"Mom, Jane is not that kind of person! She is very simple and will not do anything to hurt me! "

"What about her father? Her father was a businessman. He was good at calculating! You also said that you helped her because her father forced Miss Jane to marry an old man. Then her father must want his daughter to benefit him! Brian, don't think too well of people! Before you help others, think about whether you can do it or not! "

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