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   Chapter 351 Who Was That Person

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When Stella walked out with snacks and fruit tea, Albert was holding Clark and saying something happily. As soon as he looked up, he saw that Stella was looking at him in a trance. He couldn't help smiling and said, "Is there anything on my face?"

Stella smiled and shook her head, saying, "My son is very handsome!" After that, she went forward and put all the things on the table. She poured a cup of fruit tea for each of them and said, "Have a taste. It's good to drink!" As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Brian's car coming in. Stella, with her hands around her chest, stared coldly at the car as it drove into the garage.

Others felt the change of Stella's breath. Hannah swallowed the last dessert and asked Bella cautiously, "Auntie, Brian... Did he offend my mother? "

Bella shrugged to show that she didn't know. When she was thinking about it, she saw Brian get off the car. Stella was just about to go forward, but she found that Brian walked around the car to the other side and opened the door. He took a girl's hand and walked over.

From afar, Brian held Jane's hand and saw their family resting on the lawn. He quickly waved to Stella and ran over with Jane. Brian looked at them with a smile and said, "Wow, mom, you made such delicious desserts! And my favorite fruit tea! Oh my God, it used to be very hard to drink! I will take advantage of today's opportunity to drink enough! Jane, haven't you drunk yet? My mother is so good at cooking. Try it now! " Brian quickly took two cups and filled the two cups. He was afraid that there would be no more after a while. He handed them to Jane and urged her to drink as soon as possible.

Hannah and others looked at Brian sympathetically. This boy, who was slow in reaction, didn't know what kind of situation he was in now? How dare he be so presumptuous! Alas, he must die miserably later!

Looking at the interaction between Brian and Jane, Stella couldn't help sighing slightly, turned around and entered the room in silence. Everyone looked at the figure of Stella and was a little confused. Hannah said, "What's wrong with mom? Just now, she still looked as if she wanted to beat Brian. How could she become a gentle little sheep in an instant? No more anger! "

Brian said indifferently, "I didn't offend my mother. Why did she beat me?" After drinking the fruit tea, Brian put the cup on the table, picked up a piece of cake and put it in his mouth. The feeling of it

hat would happen? "

"Oh, don't think about it. I was not there at that time. How could I know! I was filming on the set at that time. I was scared out of my wits when I received the phone call. How could I care how you bumped into it? You'd better do your own research when you have time. Don't bother me! "

"Where is my phone?" Albert asked suddenly.

"Cell phone... Well, cell phone! It was destroyed in the car accident. If you want it, I'll get you one. "

"The phone was destroyed. Is the memory card still there?"

"Memory card... We all thought it was a useless phone at that time, so we threw it away without thinking! Memory card... It doesn't seem to have been taken out. It's still in the phone... "

"What?" Albert was almost mad. Did they break all the memories related to the past now? But why did the more they covered it up, the more strange he felt? Was it really a coincidence that he had a car accident? Does it really have nothing to do with what happened or who was in the past? Then why didn't they investigate? Why should they let the man who hurt him get away with it? Who on earth made him lose control before the car accident? The person who can make him lose control must be a very important person in his life! But now it seemed that all the memories and traces about that person had been eliminated in his world at once. There was nothing left, and he even had no place to start searching!

"Give me a mobile phone!"

"Oh, okay! Then I'll go first! " Brian took a look at Albert and dodged quickly. Oh my God, is this younger brother a little more frightening than before after a car accident? Whoosh...

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