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   Chapter 350 Stella's Worry

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After staying in the hospital for a period of time, Albert couldn't stand it and decided to go home. Stella asked the doctor's opinion carefully. After the doctor confirmed that he could go home, Stella went through the discharge formalities for Albert. But in the future, he still had to come to the hospital for inspection and rehabilitation every day. It was a little more troublesome, but it was still better than staying in the hospital all day.

Albert was directly taken to the villa in shallow water bay. His room was cleaned up by Stella as if he had been living there all the time. In a wheelchair, he was pushed upstairs by Stella. But he said in a hurry, "I don't want to go upstairs. I want to bask in the sun on the lawn outside!"

Stella looked outside and nodded. Then she pushed Albert out of the room. At this time, outside the villa, on the lawn, Bella, Carter and Hannah were basking in the sun, and their two children were also in the lawn. Hannah held one of them in her arms, while Alice was singing and dancing beside them. They were all in a very good mood.

Seeing Stella pushing Albert over, Bella took a look at Carter and couldn't help laughing. She said, "It's unbelievable that they have used the same equipment! I don't know what to say! Albert, how do you feel now? You'll be free after getting back home. You can tell us if you want to eat anything. Our cooking skills are the best! But you'd better have some light food now! "

"Yes, you are right. I have to prepare nutritious meals for Albert! It's a critical moment for him. He needs a good rest. If he really has to be in a wheelchair all his life like Carter, I will be heartbroken! My son is so handsome, isn't he? "

Carter gave an awkward cough and said, "Do you mean I'm not handsome?"

When Bella heard his words, she couldn't help but burst into laughter. Seeing that, Stella laughed too. But she still said seriously, "You're handsome. You were very handsome when you were young. That's why you took away the beautiful girl, Bella, from our family."

"Alas! It hurts to look back!" Hearing what she said, Carter couldn't help sighing. They all laughed.

Stella said, "I'll make you a pot of fruit tea and some desserts! It was such a sunny day! Albert, please talk with the kids. Maybe you will feel better! " Then she turned around and walked inside. When she was on the stone path, Finny suddenly ran over and said, "My lady, a Mr. called Blake said he had something t

Cheng's family to enjoy the happy time! I'm leaving now. See you, madam! " Blake was about to leave with the folder in his hand. Looking at his back, Stella smiled gently and said, "Mr. Blake has a good daughter!"

Being confused, Blake turned around and looked at Stella. However, Stella was sitting on the chair and drinking coffee leisurely. When he turned around, she picked up her coffee cup and smiled at him.

Blake nodded with a smile, "Yes, I have a good daughter!" Then he turned around and left.

Hearing that, Stella slammed the cup on the table. Looking at the back of Blake, she always felt that things had become very strange. Was the girl named Jane really showing up beside Brian with a sense of utility? Blake didn't seem to be a kind person! Brian and Jane... Was they serious? If they really meant it, how could she stop the tragedy from happening to Brian?

She sighed helplessly and rubbed her forehead. Suddenly, she found that men from the Cheng Family seemed to be unable to escape the fate of tease. Why couldn't they meet a pleasing relationship? Why did everyone have to experience some heartbroken pain to find his true love? Maybe not! Jacob was lucky enough to meet Stella and Carter was lucky to be with Bella. After opening his heart, Davis accepted Queenie who had loved him for nearly twenty years. Although Moore and Hannah were the most tranquil, how could they not be painful when they change from the original friends to the passionate lovers? The two women Albert had been through had hurt him badly. Would he get hurt again? Could Brian, who was too scared to love, get rid of the shackles of fate?


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