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Yana's body was stiff. She moved her lips, trying to say something. But in the end, she didn't say anything. She just sat in the chair, not knowing what to do.

Stella said, "Think it over for yourself. Do you want him to hate you for a lifetime, or do you want him to forget you forever. But no matter what kind of decision you have made, I won't let you see Albert again! I'll have someone seal off all the things you have here, but you can still continue to be in the entertainment circle. That's only after the car accident of Albert, and you will appear as a newcomer has nothing to do with him. I gotta go! " After that, Stella paid for the meal and left.

Sitting in the cafe, Yana was stunned. Her mind was blank.

Stella went back to make a pot of soup and went back to the hospital. The moment she entered the room, she saw Brian and Albert sitting on the bed, and Brian was holding a tablet in his hands. It seemed that they were discussing something. But it seemed that they both looked seriously. Stella came over and smiled, "What are you two doing? Why are you so serious? "

Brian smiled and said, "Nothing. It's just some business. I've been uncertain about it before. I saw that Albert had nothing to do after he woke up, so I asked him to help me! Wow, mom, it smells good! I'm hungry! " While speaking, Brian put away his tablet. He stood up and walked to Stella.

Stella laughed and patted on Brian's head. "You are such a foodie! Bring a bowl of soup to Albert! " She filled a bowl with soup and handed it to Brian. He pouted his lips unhappily and handed it to Albert. "Ah, I'm his brother. How poor I am! I have to serve him as a brother!"

"Thank you, Brian!" Taking over the bowl, Albert smiled and thanked him.

Then Brian turned around and walked to the other side of the table, carrying another bowl of soup in his hands. He was so hungry that he gulped it down without hesitation. After staying in the hospital for a while, Brian said goodbye to them. He had to attend a meeting in the afternoon, so he couldn't get idle as before!

After walking out of the hospital, Brian drove the car slowly. But when he just got out of the hospital gate, he saw a familiar person sitting by the flower bed. Brian quickly stopped the car and stared blankly at the person outsi

an would be so excited. He thought that maybe that man had hurt her so deeply that she lost the courage to love. And he forced her too hard, so he got the opposite result!

"Okay. Have a rest. I'll go first. I'm sorry for what I said. I was too impulsive, but I am serious. If you don't want to, then we are friends. I hope you don't refuse a friend's care for you! Have a good rest. I'm leaving now. Call me if you need anything! " Then, he straightened up and walked out. Before he closed the door, he couldn't help but take a deep look at her. Finally, he sighed and closed the door.

Yana leaned against the back of the bed, feeling a little headache as she touched her forehead. Why couldn't she escape the emotion fetter wherever she was? She had been hurt once. So intense love, even if she left, it would not dissipate. Her heart had been occupied by someone, and there would be no extra position for others to stay. 'Am I really an isolated star from the heaven?' Did everyone who loved her have a bad ending? She was in love with a man, while the other man wanted to get close to her, it could only be said as asking for trouble. 'Jason, why don't you understand? If I could accept love from other people, I would have been together with Ellis long time ago. Why would I wait for others to love me?

Yana lay on the bed with a headache. When she touched her bulged belly, her face softened at once. She knew that she had a baby. Fortunately, she had a baby! 'I promise I'll protect you well and I'll never refuse you in my life!'

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