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   Chapter 345 Never Flinch

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7152

Updated: 2020-03-06 00:25

"He will definitely wake up! Auntie, you must believe me! Albert is bound to wake up! " Yana cried with tears all over her face. Looking at her, Stella finally nodded in Jacob's arms.

Yana heaved a sigh of relief. She followed the nurse to change into the asepsis gown, and then followed the nurse into the operation room.

After the nurse said something to the surgeon, he nodded and moved a little away from Yana.

Yana slowly walked over to them. When she saw countless knives cutting the body of Albert, her insistence suddenly collapsed. She knelt down beside him all of a sudden. Looking at his bluish face, she burst into tears.

She grabbed the hand that was inserted by pipes and put it on her face while rubbing it gently. Then she said, "Albert, I know you can hear and feel. I'm Yana. I'm Yana... Could you please wake up? Don't frighten me, okay? I'm so scared... Albert, I didn't know I would make you like this. If I had known it earlier, I would have stayed by your side even if I was sad!'! It's all my fault. I just can't let it go. You could forgive me even if I trampled your love under my feet like rubbish. Why do I still hold onto those indifferent things? But why did you fall down when I've thought it through? Aren't you the most invincible? Aren't you very strong? Didn't you say that you would love me forever? My life is so long. How could you end my life like this? "

"Albert, if time could go back, I would rather not come across you. Then you would not suffer so much. But having met you is the happiest thing in my life. You let me know that the world can still be so wonderful. Albert, do you regret it? You must regret meeting me! Let's make a pinky swear and promise not to see each other any more in the next life, okay? You don't say anything, so you mean you have agreed? Good! See we'll never meet in the next life! "

"But in this life, you must hold on for me. I'm not dead. You can't die before me! You taught me the best love in the world and gave me endless sweet love. Please let me enjoy the sweet love till the moment I died. People said that if you really loved someone, you shou

y should I hesitate about the little setback in my heart? As long as Albert doesn't allow me to leave this time, I will definitely stay by his side and never leave! "

"Oh, I already knew it... Yana, I hope that he can come to his senses soon! Then you won't have to suffer so much! "

"I don't think I'm living a hard life at all. On the contrary, it's all my fault..." Yana lowered her head in dismay. When she lifted the covers and was about to get out of bed, she was pressed against the bed by Ellis. "What are you going to do? Do you know how weak you are now? Please take good care of yourself? You are pregnant! "

"If Albert is dead, why am I still alive? I would rather die with him! I think we'd better reunite as a family! And I'm very clear about my body! " Yana pushed Ellis away, put on her shoes and walked towards the ICU.

"Baby, let's stay with Daddy. What's the meaning of our life if daddy is gone? But I believe that daddy will be all right, and so will our baby, right? My baby and the one I love won't give up easily. So we can work together and fight for our happiness. Or die together! "

Putting her hands on her belly, Yana said to the baby silently. She knew this decision was cruel to the baby, but she also knew that her baby would agree with her decision! No matter what kind of road they would face, as long as the whole family was together, they would face it bravely and never flinch!

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