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   Chapter 344 Critically Ill Notification

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"Hmm... Let me think! My mind is in a mess now! " Yana put down the iPad and left.

Seeing the worried look on Yana's face, Ellis asked worriedly, "What's wrong with her? Why didn't she seize such a good opportunity? I don't understand what she is hesitating for! All she had done was to develop her career in the film and television industry? Why did she refuse me? "

Jason browsed the email on the iPad and found that it was a major movie. If Yana accepted the offer, she would become famous in Hollywood! After all, in a Hollywood movie, it was a rare chance for her to get a profile or a shadow, let alone a perfect supporting role!

"Mr. Ellis, the man that Yana loved in A Country... Who is he? "

"What's wrong? Why are you also so interested in knowing it? "

"She is pregnant for three months!"

That was a great shock to Ellis. He sat on the chair dazedly for a while, then he suddenly stood up and ran outside.

Walking on the stone road, Yana was unable to calm down. But she had only taken a few steps when a man suddenly rushed over and held her in his arms, forcing her to turn around and look at him.


"Are you pregnant? Why don't you tell me? The child of Albert? "


"Are you going to have this baby?"

"Why not? This baby is not only his child, but also mine! I have nothing now. I can't lose my child! I don't want to tell Albert about it. If he knows, he will take the child away. I can't let my child disappear from my side as well! Keep this secret for me, Ellis! "

He looked at Yana with anguish. His grip on Yana's arm became harder as if he was trying hard to suppress his anger. Suddenly he took a deep breath of fresh air like a drowning man. "Go back to A Country. I can't lie to you anymore! I thought you would gradually forget everything that belongs to him after you lived in Paris, but now I know that even if you really forget Albert, you and he are still a couple! "

"You lied to me? Why did you lie to me? What happened? "

"Do you remember the plane exploded on the day you left?"

Stunned, Yana nodded.

Ellis continued, "Did Albert call you? He called you when the plane exploded? " 、

Yana nodded again, but her heart skipped a beat.

"When the plane exploded, you were

them to sign any critically ill notice. Albert will be fine! Let me in, let me in... !"

"Are you afraid that my son won't die soon enough? Do you want to irritate him again? " Staring at the critically ill notice in front of her, Stella was so sad that she burst into tears in Jacob's arms. With his trembling hand, Jacob took the paper from the nurse's hand. He grabbed his pen, intending to sign on it.

"Don't sign it!" Yana grabbed the paper and didn't let Jacob sign it, "Don't sign it! Don't sign! Albert will be fine! Uncle, please let me in. I just want to have a small talk with Albert! Don't sign it... "

"Be quick, families of the patient. If you delay for one more minute, the treatment will be delayed!" Urged by the nurse, Yana refused to give the paper. At last, Jacob shouted, "Nurse, let her in!"

His words shocked everyone. Stella looked at Jacob in disbelief and said, "No! I can't let her go!"

"Stella, listen to me! I've already signed a critically ill notice in the past two months several times, and he's so weak now! He is our son and I love him so much, but it's better to let him die than to live in pain! What's more, after Yana went into the room, if she really loved our son, there might be a miracle. And Albert would hear her call to wake up. But if she doesn't love our son, she might say something unpleasant to irritate him. It would be a relief if he died. Stella, if we don't give it a try, we will lose Albert sooner or later. But if we succeed, maybe he will wake up. "

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