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   Chapter 343 A Good Chance

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7573

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Jason didn't know how to retort. He never knew what life was like without money, but he couldn't help but feel sad when he knew how hard the girl was living. "Does the child's father leave you alone?"

"We broke up! He didn't even know I was pregnant! I choose to abandon him, not he abandoned me! It's my fault that made him sad, even stabbed him in the heart. I think he doesn't want to see me in the rest of his life, but I love him and I can't forget him, so I secretly left him with my child. I don't know how I have the face to appear in front of him. When I saw him, my mind reminds me of how I hurt him in the past... " She couldn't imagine how he hated her. This must be a hundred times more painful than letting his heart pierce by thousands of arrows?

Looking at Yana's sad face, Jason felt his heart tighten. With a frown, he said, "Have a good rest! I'm going to buy something and I'll be back soon. Have some sleep. " With those words, he turned around and walked out. He was afraid that he couldn't help breaking things if he stayed here!

He strode out and closed the door tightly. Then he heaved a sigh of relief and turned his head to look at the expressionless woman sitting on the bed. He sighed in a low voice, "Since you can't forget him, why did you leave? Why do you have to miss him since you have left? " However, Yana never gave him hope. Maybe he was thinking too much.

Yana stayed in the hospital for a couple of days until her condition stabilized. Jason had been accompanying her these days. But he was no longer as sunny and omnipotent as before. Yana understood that Jason had distanced her because of her unborn baby. But now that he had known about it, she was relieved. She was really afraid that this good boy would fall in love with her. She knew very well that after she lost Albert, no one would ever step in her heart. She would rather he gave up in this way than got hurt in the future!

On their way back, they kept silent. The taxi stopped at the entrance of the alley. Yana and Jason got out of the car at the same time. Turning to look at Jason, Yana smiled indifferently and said, "You don't have to send me back. It's not far away. I can go back by myself. I really appreciate that you have accompani

Of course I remember! He is the stylist, right? "

"Yes! He is the most professional stylist in Hollywood! A few days ago, he sent me an email. He said that their company was preparing for a new movie recently, and they needed to find a girl from A Country to make a guest appearance. He suddenly thought of you, thinking that your appearance and temperament are very suitable. But he didn't have your contact information, so he asked me to ask you, would you like to try? " Meanwhile, Ellis found the e-mail and showed it to Yana.

Yana took the iPad. It was a Hollywood blockbuster. She would be popular if she could show her face there! But now... Could she go to the set to act?

"But I..."

"What's your concern? I think it's a good chance! Although you are not a graduate from the University of acting, your acting skills are there for all to see, and Manny has never misjudged someone! Anyway, you should give it a try! Otherwise, if you miss the chance, you didn't know when the next time would be! I know what you are worried about. You are afraid that he will see you if you go back to A Country and take part in the movie. But Yana, have you ever thought that the industry you choose is going to attract the attention of all the people, and you can't escape it! You have to stand on the stage one day. You can't hide yourself from him forever! In the current situation, even if you don't avoid him, his whole family will keep a distance from you. So promise me. Don't block yourself. Get out! "

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