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   Chapter 342 Attacked By Gangsters

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 7404

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Jane pushed aside the quilt and sat up, looking at Brian with embarrassment. With a faint smile, Brian picked up the bowl of porridge he had bought and fed her carefully with a spoon.

The night in Paris was so lonely. Holding her handbag, Yana wandered alone in this quiet and fragrant night. She had been in France for almost two months. She had adapted to the life here. Without Jason, it would be difficult for her to stay here! But now, she was able to attend classes quietly, do a job that was not too hard with high salary, and read books in spare time. Life was very beautiful. 'Baby, don't worry. Mummy won't let us repeat the same old mistakes as mummy and uncle. Trust mummy!'

Under the moonlight, she found something wrong as soon as she turned a corner. It seemed that a few people followed her from the bar to this quiet alley. It was her home ahead. What did these people want to do? Yana's heart skipped a beat. She pulled out her phone and texted to Jason. "Come here, Jason!"

"Ah!" As soon as she sent the message, a person behind her pushed her to the ground. Yana screamed before the person covered her mouth. Then another man dragged her to a dark place.

Yana's heart was about to jump out. She struggled to break free, but those two men were so rough that she couldn't get rid of them. She was dragged to a dead end. Deep down in her heart, she shouted, "Help..."

"Hmm... Hmm... " Yana's mouth was sealed. She could only sob helplessly. But one of the men gripped her arm, and the other knelt on her lap, pulling her clothes and his own pants.

Yana kicked him hard as she could, but her strength was not as strong as the man's. It was useless for her to do so to the man sitting on her legs. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her belly. Yana had a very bad feeling all of a sudden! But she couldn't scream out anything but shook her head desperately.

Suddenly, she felt something cold touching her private parts. Startled, her pants were taken off. She cried so sadly and helplessly. What should she do? What should she do? 'Who can save me? Who can save me?'

"What are you doing? Let go of that girl! I've called the police! "

Suddenly, a man's voice came fro

his lips and said, "The baby is fine. There are just some signs of miscarriage, not too serious. I don't know you're pregnant. But judging from your look, you must have known it. Why do you insist on working? Don't you know that pregnant women should have a good rest? "

"But what can I do? I can't bear that my child was born to live a hard life with me, can I? My younger brother and I lost our father and mother when we were young. We couldn't earn money at all. We suffered all kinds of hardships. I knew how hard our days were when we had no money! I can't let my child live like that again! So I have to work hard to make money, only in this way can I change his fate... I can't let my child go the way I used to."

"But you are now at school. When you graduate, you can go to act and shoot an advertisement. There are a lot of choices for you! What you make now is just a drop in the bucket for you in the future! "

"But I can't look forward to the money in the future. The only thing I can do now is to seize what I can! Jason, you have a very good family. Although you are not from a rich family, you have a happy well-off family too. You have never worried about money, so you don't understand the pain of being poor! But I know that clearly. I've suffered for twenty years! I believe that I will have a bright future that belongs to me in the future, but I don't know when I will finally succeed. I cannot stand up even if I fall and tumble on the road ahead! "

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