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   Chapter 341 Get A Heavy Cold

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After Brian cleaned up and went out, he found that Jane was still lying on the bed and didn't wake up. Without looking at her again, he put on his coat and said, "Jane, we're going home! If we don't go back now, it will get dark again. Then we will never be able to take a taxi! "

A few moments had passed, but Jane still didn't respond. She even didn't move. Brain frowned and felt something was wrong. He went over and knelt on the bed, "Jane, did you hear me? Jane? " Brian reached out his hand and smoothed the hair on Jane's face, only to find that her face suddenly turned red. He put his hand on Jane's forehead and found that the temperature of her body was really high!

"Jane, Jane, wake up!" Brian immediately got out of the bed, carried Jane on his back and ran outside.

However, they still didn't come back to C City today. Brain sent Jane to the nearest small hospital. He made a call to his secretary outside the clinic, telling her that he couldn't go back home today, but he still asked someone to pick them up here. As soon as he hung up the phone, the doctor came out. After hanging up the phone, Brian walked up to the doctor and asked, "Doctor, is she all right?"

"How did you become a boyfriend? Your girlfriend has a weak intestines and stomach. How can you let her eat such stimulated food? And she even got a severe cold! "

Brian frowned. The doctor continued, "But she is all right now. She is resting inside! Remember, do not let her eat such pungent food again in the future, or her intestines and stomach will be weaker and weaker. " After he finished his words, the doctor left. Brian stood still and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he opened the door and walked in.

Jane was put on a drip, lying on the bed in deathly pale. When she saw Brian come in, she felt a little embarrassed and smiled at him, saying, "I'm really sorry, because I've prevented you from going back. It's all my fault, my disappointing body... I'm sorry to have worried you. "

"Nothing! It's all my fault. I don't know you are so weak. It was also my first time to eat at a roadside stall. I didn't know the food there was really not fresh enough. It was all my f

bed and began to cry, but she tried very hard to suppress her crying. She didn't want anyone to find her fragility. No!

The door of the ward creaked open. Brian came in with dinner. Seeing Jane curling up on the bed helplessly, his heart twitched. He hurriedly walked over to Jane and asked, "Jane, what are you crying for? What's up? Are you still not feeling well? How about I call a doctor for you? "

Jane looked up at Brian in shock, tears streaming down her face. "You... Didn't you... Didn't you leave? "

"What? Where do you want me to go? " Brian was confused by her words, but he soon understood what she meant. He smiled and said, "Did you cry because I left?"

"I..." Jane's face turned red as if her secret was seen through. She lowered her head and said, "I didn't! I'm not crying because of you! What does it matter if you leave or not? I'm not that narrow-minded! Humph! " Jane turned over and lay down, covering her head with the quilt. She looked so cute!

Somehow, Brian was in a good mood. He couldn't help but smile when he saw the childish action of Jane. "Fine, fine. It doesn't matter whether I leave or not. You don't need me at all. I have to stay and look after you brazenly! Miss Jane, could you please get up and have something to eat for the sake of my loyalty to you? You haven't eaten anything for a whole day! The doctor said your stomach is weak. I bought porridge from a long distance. Would you like to have a try? "

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